• Cycles must not be ridden in the school grounds.
  • All cyclists are expected to wear helmets.
  • During the day, cycles should be chained to the railings next to Room P6.


Most Wellington College students use school buses to get to and from school. There are special buses for Wellington College students that leave from most suburbs within the Wellington College zone. After school, these specials can be accessed from the top of the terraces. Outside of the normal timetable, public buses can be used. Behaviour on public transport must be of a high standard.

Driving Permission

Parking Availability – Students are not to park cars on school grounds before 3.30 pm.

Regulations concerning use of Motor Bikes, Mopeds and Scooters

  • All the rules of driving as described in the Road Code are automatically school rules
  • The speed limit inside the college grounds is 15kph
  • Bells and horns may not be sounded unnecessarily within college grounds
  • The College accepts no responsibility for damage caused to vehicles parked in the grounds

Driving Tests

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