Wellington College is a state school. We receive Government funding which covers the basic requirements of our learning programme for domestic students. We are reliant on additional sources of funding to support our extensive programmes and maintain and develop outstanding facilities.

Fees and donations paid by parents cover the following areas for which there is either insufficient or no government funding.

You may choose to pay through the parent portal, direct credit, automatic payment, or through the Finance Office using cash or Eftpos. You may make your payment in one lump sum or spread your payments by term, monthly or fortnightly.

  • The Wellington College Bank account number is 06-0561-0137023-000. Please use your son’s name or student number as a reference when making an online payment.

  • For enquiries regarding your account, contact Glenda Schmitt, ph 802 2521 or email

In 2024 we are requesting the following donations from Wellington College families:

This donation helps cover costs such as photocopying and teaching resources which have increased significantly over the past few years.

This covers major building projects and is administered by the Board. By donating, parents are able to support the funding of amenities currently being used by their sons and to bring forward future developments.

This donation covers the cost of infrastructure required to service 21st-century teaching and learning needs.

This covers equipment, facilities hire and co-curricular activities including sports, music, drama, public speaking, debating, cultural activities, work exploration, clubs and various student competitions. Our objective is to encourage wide participation in these activities by partially subsidising them, while retaining a user-pays content for specialised activities with higher per person costs.

All school donations are tax deductible.

Other School Costs

As part of providing a full programme of activities to meet curriculum requirements and enhance the curriculum for students at Wellington College, the school provides a range of resources and activities for which parents have made payments in the past. Rulings by the Ombudsman and the Inland Revenue Department have resulted in some new rules around how these costs must be described.

On the parent portal or your fees statement you will notice that some items are marked as “Voluntary Contribution” and others as “Optional”.

Voluntary Contribution

Those items marked as “voluntary contribution” are items that the school provides as part of the curriculum for which the school cannot require payment from parents.

Parents can choose whether or not to pay for these items. Regardless of payment, all students enrolled in the subject will be given access to the item. However, in the event that a significant number of parents choose not to pay for these items, the school will experience a shortfall in funding. Voluntary contributions are classed as a donation and qualify for a tax donation credit rebate.

Optional Items

Items marked as “optional” are items that the school provides as an enhancement to the curriculum for which the school does not receive funding from the Ministry of Education and for which the school can require payment before a student can participate in the activity or access the item.

Non-payment of optional items means that your son will not participate in the activity or receive the resource. In those cases, the school will provide an alternative option to ensure that your son still receives the curriculum requirements (e.g. a classroom based activity, rather than going on a field trip).

Donation Rebates

Wellington College’s partnership with Supergenerous

You can claim back tax credits against donations you’ve kindly made to Wellington College in the past, 4 years and regift these to the College. We’ve partnered with Supergenerous, who offer a simple tool which enables you to register and provide a few details and they take care of the rest. Wellington College will receive the tax credits from your previous, and future, donations which we will invest in initiatives to help the boys of Wellington College.

Supergenerous lets you donate your tax refund from any donations to Wellington College (including your son’s annual School Donation), in just one easy step. If you are an individual New Zealand tax resident who has received taxable income in the current financial year, then you are entitled to a rebate of up to 33% on each donation you’ve made to Wellington College.

How it works

  • Register – Tell Supergenerous about your donations to Wellington College over the last four years and provide some details, including your IRD number (They can also assist you with donations to other organisations you may have made).
  • Claim – Supergenerous will make the claim on your behalf, and send you updates along the way.
  • Rebate – Any rebates you decide to re-gift to Wellington College will be organised on your behalf, and you’ll receive a confirmation report from Supergenerous.

For more information and to register click here:

For every $100 dollars you have donated (or will donate) to the College, we will receive another $33 at the end of the first year.

It might not sound like a lot by itself, but this would help provide more funds for the school to deliver further:

  • Resources to support learning, such as: updating and maintaining IT equipment, including audio-visual gear, projectors and state-of-the-art computers technology equipment for specialist subjects such as STEAM and robotics specialist equipment for areas such as music, sports and performing arts
  • Support extra resources for music and sports programmes.

Roughly 60% of New Zealanders don’t claim their donation rebates.

That’s $1B of charitable rebates every four years that goes unclaimed. Imagine what $1B back to charities, religious organisations and schools like Wellington College could do!

Appointing Supergenerous as your tax agent for the purpose of donation rebates simply allows them to prepare, file and sign an IR526 (a donation specific tax return) with Inland Revenue on your behalf to claim the available tax credits for Wellington College. Importantly, this does not affect any other tax agents that you might have appointed for other reasons (for example, if you have an accountant who does your income tax returns).

Please note that once you have signed up, you will not be able to claim this tax credit for yourself.

You can also visit the Supergenerous website for more information.

Thank you for partnering with us on this exciting journey.