Message from the Headmaster

Tena koutou katoa,

Students are at the heart of our school. It’s why we are here. Our mission is to give every student every chance and opportunity, every day, to realise their greatness. There is no better joy for us, as teachers, than to see our students graduate and leave our school, becoming more than they could have ever imagined and positively influencing their communities, while realising that this will always be their school and their home.

I am honoured and delighted to be the 15th Headmaster of Wellington College. I have found a school with tremendous heart, a college that prides itself on agile thinking and leadership, and a staff that is totally committed to the success of our students.

High expectations and aspirations permeate our college, underpinned by high-quality relationships. We are fortunate to have teachers that are at the cutting edge and forefront of their fields.

At the heart of our work are the high-quality qualifications that our students leave with. We are very proud of their academic achievements, and the destinations and opportunities that this affords them.

We offer a vibrant and wide range of sporting, arts, cultural and leadership opportunities that are supported by world-class facilities. Our students are often involved in national and international competitions which gives them a chance to compete and perform at the highest level. We strive to develop well-rounded students whose character, work ethic, purpose, empathy, resilience, and relational skills are key to them taking up their place in the world.

Our COLL values; Community, Oranga, Learning, and Leadership are central to our core mission of providing world-class education and co-curricular experience to every student that walks through our doors.

We are powered by aroha. Aroha for serving our students, aroha for our Wellington College community, aroha for learning, aroha for extending our comfort zones and aroha for serving others.

Nāku noa nā,

Glen Denham

Headmaster of Wellington College