Course Selection

Course selection is one of the most important decisions you can make because it can have a bearing on the future pathways you may wish to follow. We would encourage you to take time to consider all of the options available to you and design a programme that reflects you, your strengths, and your interests.

We would also encourage you to choose a programme that will keep a range of pathways open to you.

There are a lot of people at WC to help so make sure you talk your choices through with your whānau and your Tutor Teacher

  • Unsure what course requirements you need for your university pathway or trade?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the options?

  • Need some help to identify a pathway?

Visit our careers advisors –

Mr Davidson and Ms Morgan.

Curriculum @ WC

Curriculum @ WC is your course selection guide where you can learn about all the different subjects we offer at Wellington College. This resource supports course selection so you can make informed choices. For more information about your subject choices, talk to your tutor teacher, your subject teacher, or HOD.


The deadline for course selection is important to meet as much of the planning for 2024 rests on the choices students make. Course selection happens in Term 3 and the timeline is as follows:

  • Week 2 – 3 – Course selection Assemblies
  • Week 2 – 3 – Māori and Pacific course selection support
  • Week 3 – International student course selection support
  • Week 3 – Course selection conversations with Tutor Teachers at COLL time
  • Week 4 – Speed Meets
  • Week 5 ( 24th August) – Confirmation of subject selection at Tutor Conferences

This year, forms are not compulsory, but they are being used by some tutor teachers. Please return to your son’s tutor teacher by 24 August.

Choosing subjects can be a challenge! See here for more information on how to choose your subjects. Consider courses that reflect your interests, aspirations and strengths, allow you to continue with possible subject choices in subsequent years, keep career pathways open to you and support you to gain entry to tertiary study or the pathways you want to explore.

We would encourage you to research early any information about any requirements for careers.  Many careers require you to have studied particular subjects, e.g. Physics and Mathematics for engineering. You can make an appointment with the Careers Advisor (Mr. Hamish Davidson) to help you with this.

At Wellington College, Health and Physical Education is partially integrated.  All Year 9 and Year 10 students experience practical and theory lessons that support them to “acquire a lifelong passion for learning” whilst developing their capacity to “become productive citizens”.  Students are taught that all dimensions of their well-being – Taha Tinana (Physical),Taha Whānau (Social), Taha Hinengaro (Mental/Emotional), Taha Wairua (Spiritual), Taha Whenua (Connection to the Land) – are important in achieving this vision.  Through participating in this programme students will be better equipped to not only enhance their own well-being, but that of others around them.  The key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum (Thinking; Relating to Others; Using Lanugage, Symbols and Text; Participating and Contributing; Managing Self) are embedded in all that we do.  Students will be engaged in learning around topics including, but not limited to: mental health; sexuality education (including consent, promoting positive sexuality, safe sexual practices, and body images in media); personal care and hygiene; resiliency; assertiveness and decision making in situations involving drugs and alcohol; physical development; and promoting healthy active lifestyles.  Units and lessons are developed that are responsive to students’ ever changing needs and are reflective of our core values of Community, Oranga, Learning Together and Leadership.  All Wellington College health education is values based, in that the values, beliefs, and attitudes of each individual student are upheld in how we teach and learn. In addition to the compulsory Junior Health Curriculum, all students are presented with the opportunity to engage with Health studies in the Senior school, currently with opportunities to engage in full year level content in Years 11-13.  No compulsory Health curriculum is taught beyond Year 10.

If you have any queries about the Health curriculum, please contact the HOD Junior Health and Physical Education:  Nathan Frew

Any whānau/caregivers wanting to have their child excluded from any particular element of sexuality education in the health education programme may write to the Headmaster requesting exclusion.  In such cases, self-guided alternative health education will be provided.