Accommodation & Getting to School

There are a number of options for living in Wellington. Enquiries about accommodation may be made through the International Office. Accommodation options are selected when completing the Online Application.

Contact Sibylle on +64 22 010 6240

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Living with a family member:

Some International Students studying at Wellington College live with a relative or a designated caregiver. A designated caregiver is someone who is known to your family who can accept responsibility for the student’s welfare outside of school. The Designated Caregiver Agreement is an option on the online enrolment (step 11) which is sent to the College when the application is submitted.


Many students live with a New Zealand family arranged by the College’s Homestay Manager, Sibylle Beresford. A homestay family is a great way to to get support and care while improving your English Language. You also benefit and learn about the New Zealand way of life. Homestay fees are $350 per week and include your own room and three meals per day.

All homestay families have been vetted by the New Zealand Police. The Homestay Manager and the international staff support homestay families to promote a happy positive relationship.

Wellington College requires students to have a safe place to live, with a responsible adult who will provide the necessary care and support to enable the student to settle successfully into a new culture and educational system.

Students may live with one of the following:

  • Their mother or father, who may apply for a Guardian Visa
  • In a school-approved homestay.
  • With a family member or close family friend known to the student’s parents. This person is called a Designated Caregiver.

Students may NOT live alone, or in accommodation shared with friends, even if they are over 18.


  • Students usually travel to school by school bus but many walk or cycle and some get dropped off by private vehicle. If travelling by bus, the student will pay their own bus-fare. Most homestays are within a 10-30 minute bus ride from school.

  • While attending Wellington College international students are not permitted to purchase or drive a private vehicle.