International Focus

A school with a teaching and learning focus built on family values, superior pastoral care, and academic support. Our students tell us they do so well because they are part of the Wellington College whanau (family)

Understanding International Student Achievement

We take international education seriously. Our research has identified interesting facts about our international learners. Our students fit into what we have called the 3 year learner profile. In the first year of study our international students achieve around 50 – 65% of the work attempted, however, the same group two years later are all achieving their university entrance. Initially we put this down to their English Language improving but we have found out much more. Our international learners tell us that improved reading and writing is a factor but so is the following:

  • learning to ask questions
  • learning to ask for help
  • feeling safe, valued and a part of the school
  • having friendships and feeling healthy
  • studying less subjects than their home country allowing them to focus on the subjects they are interested in
  • having teachers who value their achievement
  • great google classrooms and learning resources
  • peer tutoring
  • living in Wellington City

Our administration hours are Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm (New Zealand Standard Time. We pride ourselves on responding to our international community queries within 24 hours if not sooner. email

Mike & Feng and Pastoral Care

Mike Ellett
Mike EllettInternational Director
Mike oversees the International Student programme at Wellington College, recruits new students, and regularly meets with our student families overseas. The main areas Mike travels to are South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Europe. Mike also enjoys being part of the pastoral care team for international students and supports students with their wellbeing while at school and assists their transition to university. Mike enures the international programme exceeds the expectations of the Pastoral Code of Care for International Students 2016.
Feng Yu
Feng YuMarketing Manager & Student Advisor
Feng oversees the pastoral care of international students, recruits new students and meets with existing student families overseas. The main areas Feng travels to are mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Feng is a specialist language teacher and holds a leadership position with the NZ Chinese Language Teachers Association. He supports all international students through regular academic appraisal and ensures subject choices meet the students tertiary academic pathway. QQ: 1941444895

Kathi & Sibylle and Pastoral Support

Kathi Scott
Kathi ScottInternational Office Manager and Student Support
Kathi manages the international enrolment application process, visa renewals, homestay payments and student support. Kathi enjoys connecting with our international agents and families. She is often the first face our new students see and quickly becomes the go to person when a student needs to find out about something. Kathi has a special pastoral rapport with our students and is cherished by our international community.
Sibylle Beresford
Sibylle BeresfordInternational Student Coordinator
Sibylle manages the homestay programme at Wellington College, and supports student well-being. Sibylle has a background in international education and a knack for connecting students with the right homestay family. Sibylle manages existing homestay families and sources and checks new homestay families in accordance with the Pastoral Code of Care for International Students. Sibylle also has a great knowledge of the school sporting communities and helps new students register for their sports of interest.

English Language

Victor Mau
Acting Head of English Language

Based in the International Student Centre Victor manages the English Language needs of our domestic and international students. Part of the international student orientation process involves testing new students English Language proficiency. Once tested Victor recommends the most suitable English Language classes and provides teaching staff with a guideline of what level the student is at. Victor has made the international centre a warm, inviting, and friendly place for students.

Health & Wellbeing Support

Lyndon Coppin
Lyndon CoppinGuidance Counsellor
Lyndon provides international students with support in confidence. Lyndon is easy to talk to and students can find out about techniques like how to deal with stress, time management, or anything of concern to the student. The wellbeing of our students is priority and it’s wonderful to be able to offer our international students the services of professionally trained Guidance Counsellors.
Robyn Peterson
Robyn PetersonWellington College School Nurse
Robyn provides an excellent level of medical care and advice for our international students. If a student requires emergency support Robyn contacts emergency services, the Wellington hospital being only 1km from the school campus. For non-emergency additional support Robyn notifies Kathi who in turn books an appointment and takes the student to the Central Wellington Medical Practice. +64 802 2520 Extn:865


If it is an urgent issue please call us on:

+64 22 415 1713

022 415 1713