The clubs at Wellington College are a great way for students to spend time doing things they enjoy, meet fellow students with similar interests, and learn new skills.

Most clubs meet at lunchtime on a day and in a classroom that will be advertised in the Daily Notices. Registration fees are kept to a minimum. Some clubs are run by staff while others are dependent on student leadership. If students have ideas for a new club we are always interested in hearing from them – email

At the start of each school year we hold a Clubs Day so students can learn about them and sign up.

We look forward to wide student participation in our 2024 clubs.

List of Clubs at Wellington College

​​​​​​​This club is for anyone interested in the science and art of flight. Through discussion and with the use of simulation software members of this class developed their knowledge and understanding. In the coming year the opportunity to build a remote controlled plane is a goal for the club.


Amnesty International Wellington College is open to all students, of all years, who are interested in advocating human rights. We fundraise for charities and causes, such as Wellington City Mission and “Welcoming Communities NZ” and raise awareness for just causes or breaches of civil liberties. It’s a great way to get engaged with the Wellington Community and meet lots of new people. Watch Daily notices for updates. Amnesty takes place every other Thursday at lunch in 201, across the whole year.

CONVENOR: Ms Brooklyn Leota

COST: Will be added to the portal if a cost is incurred – an email would be sent home first

CAM Club is where students can use the laser cutter or 3D printer for personal projects. Payment will be as required for materials.

CONVENOR:: Ms. Holly Browne at

This is a club for anyone with an interest in cars. It’s a weekly opportunity to gather and discuss merits of models, power and performance stats and test your petrol head knowledge in activities and quizzes. Practical stuff: Buying your first car, budgeting running costs, changing a tyre, etc.

Car Club doesn’t start till term 2

CONVENOR: Mr. Luke Williams

The Chess Club is a friendly relaxed club that welcomes players of all ability levels. Students who wish to may compete for the titles of Junior Champion, Senior Champion, and overall Wellington College Chess Champion. The school team, which comprises our top four students, competes in the regional competition. This club is for anyone interested in improving their chess skills while having fun. Club players can sign up and represent the school. WC has a very strong reputation in national competitions going back a number of years.

CONVENOR: Mr David Calder

COST: A cost will be incurred by those entering inter-school competitions and will be charged to the portal

Code Club is a coding club that provides a competitive environment to senior students. Juniors that have previous knowledge are also welcome but should expect to find it challenging. If there is interest a Junior Code Club will run alongside the more senior group so no matter your level of expertise – come along and check it out. It will start in Term 2 and run through Term 4.

CONVENOR: Thomas Han Stevenson

This is a drama club for anyone interested in being involved in the traditional Junior production. There will be an audition process in term 1, and the production is cast with Junior actors and written and directed by Seniors. For more information about Junior Drama, visit the Drama Department Website.

CONVENOR: Jessie Cooper

For more information about Senior Drama, visit the Drama Department Website.

CONVENOR: Jessie Cooper

For more information about Major Production, visit the Drama Department Website.

CONVENOR: Jessie Cooper

This is a drama club for anyone interested in preparing a Shakespeareian performance for the Sheliah Winn festival in April. Generally this is a for student directed groups but staff support will be given throughout the process. For more information about Sheilah Winn, visit the Drama Department Website.

CO-CONVENORS: Jessie Cooper

This is a club for anyone interested in performance improvisation. Relaxed skill building exercises and in house competitions lead on to school wide and interschool tournaments. For more information about Theatre Sports, visit the Drama Department Website.

CONVENOR: Jessie Cooper

For more information about Show Quest, visit the Drama Department Website.

Contact: Jessie Cooper

Debating teams are entered at all levels in the Wellington Regional Interschool Competition. A number of teams always reach the semi-finals and finals. In 2016 our Senior Certificate 1 team won their grade and the Senior Premier A Team won the Russell McVeagh Regional Champs. In 2017  our Prem A won the Wellington Championships and in 2018 Prem B won their grade and junior and senior teams won the regional Impromptu Champs. In 2019 Senior Certificate 1 won their grade and the Prem A team was the regional champion with 2 students selected for the Wellington team. In 2020 Prem B, Senior Cert 1, and Junior Cert 2 all won their grade 2021 saw many teams in finals with Prem B winning their grade.

Trials for the interschool teams will be held early in Term 1. Interschool debates take place in the evening or after school:

  • Senior Premier A and B; Tuesday evening
  • Senior Certificate; Thursday after school
  • Junior Premier; Tuesday late afternoon before Senior Premier A
  • Junior Certificate; Wednesday after school

In addition to the interschool competition, there is an excellent In-house competition for Years 9-13 run by senior students. Previous experience is not required for In-house debating and all interested students are placed in teams. Trials are not required. Debates take place at lunchtime.

With 150 students involved, debating is a very strong and popular Arts activity at Wellington College, and one which develops excellent skills in Public Speaking, structuring an argument, and critical thinking. The Staff vs Students Debate is always a highlight of Arts Week.

LEVELS: Years 9-13

TRIALS: Trials are held at lunchtime early in Term 1. Watch for information in the Daily Notices.

COACHING: This usually takes place at lunchtime and occasionally after school. Coaching is provided by teachers and senior students and all team members are expected to attend. Coaching for junior in-house teams is carried out by senior students.

COMPETITIONS: In-House competition: lunchtime.  Interschool competition: after school or in the evenings, usually 4-5 times during Terms 1, 2, and 3.

COSTS: $25 for interschool debaters; $15 for inhouse debaters. If you register for interschool and end up in an in-house team, you will get a refund.

CONVENOR: Ms. Cushla Thomson 

In-house Registration: Click here

Interschool Registration: Click here

This is a long standing club for anyone who wants to be actively involved in environmental issues. The club is connected to wider community organisations focussed on developing projects and campaigns to engage with issues like transportation, pest control and local and national policy change.

CONVENOR: Rivkah Nathan

Would you like to represent your school in the regional e-sports tournament featuring League of Legends, NBA2k, Rocket League, and Valorant – or just get together with people who are into video games? Then the E-sports club is for you! Join the Google Classroom using the code apu5fth to find out more information. Fill out the form that’s on there to express your interests!

For people who play other games, there may be chances to play later on in the year, so join up to keep up to date.


This is a club for anyone interested in close analysis of film making. At meetings excerpts of film will be played and then discussed as a way of appreciating the craft needed to make effective and engaging movies. Additionally, students will be given the chance to create or remix their own version of popular scenes in movies viewed.

CONVENOR:Luke Williams

The Association is open to all students. The goal of the Association is to provide opportunities and activities for students of all nationalities to share aspects of their culture and develop friendships. Kiwi students are encouraged to join as this provides significant leadership opportunities.


  • Welcome and orientation activities for new international students and other international visitors; organising a variety of activities with an international flavour, International Week, Sports Tournaments etc
  • Managing the Peer Tutoring programme for international students
  • Fundraising for disadvantaged groups in other countries for example The Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, Hanoi
  • Representing the College at international functions
  • Managing the International Week
  • Promoting the Cultural diversity of Wellington College
  • Running the ISA Facebook

CONVENOR: Mr. Michael Ellett – International Manager

This is a club for anyone interested in creating content and media that reflects the school community. Although the club will meet fairly regularly it is more likely that members will work on assignments, exploring and refining a media style in keeping with the context of the WC experience.


This is an arts club for anyone interested in the creative and technical aspects of great photography. Along with in-club exercises and activities it is likely members will be assigned to take photos of school events and celebrations.

CONVENOR:Rhea Stevenson

This is a longstanding relaxed music club. Anyone of any level of skill and experience is welcome to join this social group who meet simply to enjoy playing Ukulele together.


This is a club for anyone interested in creating large scale art around the school. Permanent and chalked murals are the projects this club have focussed on but there is also interest in branching out further into sculpture and installations all in aid of making the school more wonderful.


This club is for anyone who wants to get involved in the sound and lighting that goes on behind the scenes of the productions at Wellington College


This is a club for any one interested in building a strong and supportive group of WC students aligned with the wider LGBTQ+ community.

CONVENOR: Hayden Kleiss

Wellington College Tramping Club is open to students from Years 10 and up. Two trips run in Term 1 and one in each of Terms 2 and 3. Trips run to a variety of National and Forest Parks in the lower North Island and upper South Island. Often, trips are split into two or three groups, with each group taking a route with different levels of difficulty.

CONVENOR:Phil Kendon

COSTS: Any costs incurred will be added to the portal – an email will be sent home first

Te Haeata Awatea

Taiahaha! Taiahaha!

Ko te mana Māori e ngunguru nei! I au! Au! Auē hā! Hī!

Te Haeata Awatea e ngunguru nei! I au! Au! Auē hā! Hī!

Kapa Haka offers students an opportunity to be involved in Māori performing arts. They will learn a whole range of kapa haka skills, including a variety of haka & waiata, choreography, as well as mau rākau (weaponry) and taonga pūoro (musical instruments). Students will have the opportunity to perform in school-based performances and regional & national events. Wellington College combines with Wellington Girls’ College in a group called Te Haeata Awatea.

COORDINATOR: Whaea Katie Thompson

PRACTICES: The group practices throughout the year. Combined after-school practices are held weekly, Monday after school, at either Wellington College or Wellington Girls’ College. School-based practices are held before school and during lunchtime. Noho Marae will be run in the build-up to events or competitions. Participants are expected to attend all practices, rehearsals, and noho marae.

MEMBERSHIP: Open to all Wellington College students. Parents and whānau are expected to be a part of the kapa haka support group.

COSTS: $200. Participating in fundraising is required.

Kia mau ki ngā taonga a Tāne-rore!

Chinese Club

The Chinese Club is open to all students interested in Chinese culture and intends to offer an authentic Chinese experience to the wider community of Wellington College. Activities will include traditional calligraphy and painting, cooking, and board games such as Chinese checkers, Chinese chess, and mahjong. The club is open to all interested students.

Xiexie da jia.


COSTS: Any costs incurred will be added to the portal – an email will be sent home first


Students who are interested in French and French culture across the world are welcome to this club which is run and organised by Senior students studying French. French food tasting is a regular part of the meetings – the year begins with a French feast. Other activities include watching French films, listening to French music, celebrating French festivals including Fête de la Chandeleur and Poisson d’avril, playing French scrabble and other games such as Tour de France and Pétanque, If you have any problems with your French language in class, the club is the perfect place to bring it up and solve any tricky problems you may have. The club is also a place where you can prepare for DELF Scolaire, the international French-language qualification. All ideas are welcome from students.

CONVENOR: Mr. Guy Mance

COST: Any costs incurred will be added to the portal – an email will be sent home first

German Club

Are you interested in the German language and German-speaking countries? All students from Year 9 to Year 13 are welcome to this club. We begin the year with a German-style lunch that celebrates food from German-speaking countries. Students also watch German films, listen to German music, play German board games and online games/apps, and do German crafting work. All new ideas are welcome from students. Watch the Daily Notices for venues and dates.

ROOM: Mr. Blair Cameron

COST: If a cost is incurred it will be added to the portal – an email will be sent home first

Hispanic Club

The Hispanic Club runs at lunchtime and is open to any student interested in learning more about Spain and Latin America. We have a range of activities, which enable students to enjoy learning about the cultural, historical, and linguistic aspects of a variety of Spanish-speaking countries. In the past, these activities have included piñata making (and breaking), film viewings, and feasting on churros and tacos.

CONVENOR: Ms. Jo Towers

COST: Any costs incurred will be added to the portal – an email will be sent home first

Japanese Club

The Japanese Club is open to all students interested in Japanese culture and language. There is a range of activities from traditional to modern and from well-known to local aspects of Japanese culture. There are perfect opportunities to learn conversational Japanese language too. This is the place where we create a positive attitude and atmosphere with Japanese culture. See Daily Notices for venue and day.

CONVENOR: Mr. Shinichi Muroya

COST: If a cost is incurred it will be added to the portal – an email will be sent home first with an explanation

Lion Dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture and other Asian countries. This will be a great cultural and sporting experience. You are going to learn lion dance skills and perform for school and community events such as opening ceremonies, Christmas parades, and Chinese New Year celebrations, etc. Join and have fun in Lion Dance Group. Everyone is welcome!


Magic the Gathering club provides a venue for MtG players (primarily EDH/Commander and Modern) to play. There is no registration fee, but please bring your own decks.

The club is student-led and will run at an appointed lunchtime if there is interest.


Coll Hub is aiming to successfully re-launched in 2024 and primarily published on the school website. The assignment based articles produced will focus on school community profiles, school events, relevant news, opinion pieces. Open to all students interested in writing, editing and journalism.


This is a club for anyone interested in the magical art of paper folding. If you are a novice or highly experienced, this club lets you explore origami further in a relaxing and supportive environment.

CONVENOR: Mr. James Hurring

COST: If a cost is incurred a charge will be added to the portal – an email will be sent home first

At Politics Club we discuss not only politics but a range of philosophical and ethical issues. Some moots have been: Violence by Black Lives Matter protestors is justified, Statues of NZ colonial figures should be removed, and NZ acted too strongly to eliminate Covid-19. Unlike debating, however, the aim of the Politics Club is not to ‘win’ the argument – instead, we listen to others, as well as express our own views, and we are willing to change our minds!

We intend to put a team into the Ethics Olympiad again in 2024.

CONVENOR: Eliza Bartlett

Public Speaking is a skill that is valued and fostered at Wellington College and we have a record of success in competitions. Students are helped to prepare and deliver their speeches for a number of local and national competitions such as the United Nations Secondary Schools Speech Award, Lions Young Speechmaker Competition, and the Stockley Cup.

The Wellington College Speaking Competition takes place in Term 3. All Year 9 to Year 11 students deliver a prepared speech in their English class. For Year 12 and 13 students, entry is voluntary. Semifinalists from each class are narrowed down to three or four finalists at junior, intermediate, and senior level. Finals will take place at an evening function.
The College Unprepared Speech Competition is open to all senior students and has the advantage of not requiring preparation or study.


Do you enjoy solving Rubiks Cube or a myriad of other logic puzzles, or just interested in learning how then this is the perfect club for you? With hundreds of puzzles to choose from, covering Rubik’s complete range through to metal twist puzzles and wooden dissection puzzles, there is something to challenge everyone. Get key pointers from WC’s own world-class cubers or learn to master new puzzles.

CONVENOR: Mr. James Hurring

This is a club for anyone interested in Sci Fi as a genre. It’s a weekly opportunity to gather, watch and discuss films and series, and test your Sci-Fi related knowledge in activities, debates and quizzes. This club runs in Term 2 at lunchtime..

CONVENOR: Mr. Craig Blacklock

COST: If a cost is incurred it will be added to the portal – an email will be sent home first

This club is for anyone interested in connecting with others who enjoy tabletop role playing games. There are lots of opportunities for beginners through experienced players to join campaigns and have fun. Due to the time it takes to play, it is likely that gaming will also occur outside the lunchtimes the club meets.


This is a club for preparing a performance group for the Tutagata Festival.

CONVENOR: Debbie Tiatia

This club has been running for many years. It is for anyone interested in being involved in the events and activities that supports and enhances Pacific culture, community and identity at WC.

CONVENOR: Debbie Tiatia,>

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award began in the UK in the 1950s. It has grown to include countries all over the world and tens of thousands of students are involved world – wide every year. The award suits students who are already doing some extra-curricular activities. The sections include an expedition (for example a tramp), sport, skill and service.