Digital Learning

Wellington College wants to ensure that our students are prepared for the demands and opportunities of the digital age. Our BYOD programme will help us meet that goal.

Our students live in a developing digital world and need to continue building skills of digital fluency, literacy and citizenship. Digital learning opens possibilities for greater levels of personalisation, collaboration and connection to learning beyond the classroom. Many of our students are already using digital devices outside of school to communicate and learn. We make our school resources available digitally so that their device can be used to further enhance learning.

As a learning community, with the help of the Student Council, we have been working together to develop our Digital Citizenship Responsible Use Agreement within the framework of our College Values and the Harmful Digital Communications Act.

What Device?

The ideal device for learning is a laptop or Chromebook. This is because it enables students to type easily and organise files on their Google Drive with ease. Some students use a tablet with a keyboard attached. This is also suitable for learning.

Tablets without a keyboard and mobile phones are not suitable learning devices. As per the phone policy (see below) mobile phones are expected to be away in student bags during the lesson unless the teacher advises to use them for a portion of the learning. If students are unsure of what device to use, we encourage them to discuss the best options with their teacher.

When students start to specialise in subjects requiring specialist software, such as in Technology, Music, and Art, a Chromebook will not be sufficient and students will require a laptop.

Let’s work together to provide a safe and enjoyable online learning environment for all. To support this we also have an anonymous online reporting tool – our WC Bullying Free Helpline – to use if there is anything happening that is potentially harmful to anyone in our community, both online and offline.

Bullying Free Helpline

And remember that if you need help our Guidance Teams are here to support us and we can also report online harm to Netsafe.

Have a look at Netsafe’s Online Safety Parent Toolkit – this covers advice and further resources about some of the key challenges our young people face online, with a particular focus on Online bullying, Unwanted contact, Social media, Sexting, and Inappropriate content.

Mobile Phone Policy

The use of mobile phones during school hours (8:50-3:20 pm) is not permitted at the College. This includes between classes, intervals and lunchtime. It must be turned off, stored in a bag and not be used or visible.

If students are found to be using their phone during school hours, the phone will be confiscated by staff for the remainder of the day; it will need to be collected from the main reception at the end of the school day. Continued contravention of this policy will result in additional consequences in line with our Coll Way Pastoral Process.

Air Pods and headphones are not allowed during school hours unless connected to a laptop.

In certain situations, staff may permit the use of mobile phones. Examples may include:

● For specific learning activities in the classroom

● For students with special learning needs

● Students with a health condition

● Some excursions and camps

Where a student has been granted an exception, they must use their mobile phone for the purpose for which the exception was granted and in a safe, ethical and responsible manner.

If parents need to reach their child during school hours, they can contact the front office to have a message delivered to the student in class. Alternatively, they can send an email, which can be accessed on the student’s laptop. Students who need to contact their parents during the day can use the landline available at the front office

They will follow the same process as parents by contacting the front office or sending an email to the student’s laptop. Our Sports and Cultural Directors will communicate this with all coaches, managers and key people to ensure everyone is aware of the policy and can follow it accordingly.

Students will be provided with a hard copy of their timetable. Students should take care of it and consider gluing it in a book that can be kept in their bag. If students lose their timetable, they should go to the main reception to obtain a new copy.

We recommend all students wear a watch to school. All classrooms will have a clock on the wall.

Students can still use Apple Pay at the canteen or finance office. This will be closely monitored by staff at intervals and lunchtime.

If a student’s phone has been confiscated for the day and forgets to collect it after school, we will promptly notify the parents that their child has left their phone at school. The student can then collect it the next day. We understand the importance of students retrieving their belongings, especially their phones.