Girvan Library Update: Y9 Reading Engagement Finale

November 17, 2023

Our Reading Engagement Programme, in collaboration with the English Department, is now in its fifth year and an established part of the School’s junior literacy efforts. 

We were delighted to roll out Reading Engagement to all 14 Year-9 English classes, starting with a Library orientation in Term one, and five sessions each, in the Library, and the classroom, over the course of the year. 

 This year, sessions included a book tasting restaurant, writing predictive reviews, and BookToks (filmed book reviews). All classes were competing for the pizza lunch prize for the most books reviewed. Well done to winners 9 Ruru ! At our finale in Term 4, celebrated local poet, short-story writer, novelist, musician and painter, Apirana Taylor, gave an inspiring talk to the students, encouraging them to have fun with words. He also talked about his initial challenges with dyslexia as a child. 

238 students actively participated in the programme, and borrowing statistics for Y9 students over the last five years show a significant increase.