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Uniform Policy

Wellington College Uniform Policy

Historically the Wellington College uniform has been a distinctive feature of the College, readily identifiable throughout the city.  Therefore, students are expected to take  pride in the presentation of the uniform in keeping with the highest traditions of the College, and as a reflection of the standards of excellence stated in the Charter.

College uniform is not dictated by fashion, thereby avoiding unnecessary peer pressure.  Students are expected to avoid any extremes in personal presentation or adornment that might be incompatible with the College uniform.  This includes extremes of hairstyle.  If in doubt, consult the Headmaster.

The school uniform should always be worn:

  • At College and travelling between home and school.
  • As players at inter-school matches.  (Senior teams will wear Dress Uniform to and from Saturday fixtures).
  • At College functions away from the school.
  • Students are expected to be clean-shaven.  Any exceptions on religious or health grounds should be discussed with the Headmaster.  If in doubt, consult the Headmaster.
  •  If any part of the uniform cannot be worn correctly, a note explaining the matter should be given to a member of Senior Management.  Replacement uniform may be issued on the day concerned.  Students will be checked regularly for correct and full uniform.
  • There are three types of College dress described in detail below.  They are to be worn complete, in accordance with the directions set down below.  All uniform items must be clearly named.

1. Wellington College School Uniform

  • The Wellington College grey shirt (no T-shirts or singlets are to be showing beneath the grey shirt).  If a jersey is not worn, sleeves are to be rolled up or neatly buttoned at the cuff.  Top button only may be undone.  The shirt is to be long enough to be kept tucked in at all times.
  • Plain leather or plastic belt (black only). Fancy buckles are not permitted.
  • Grey shorts, Wellington College regulation cloth and style.
  • The Wellington College black socks with garters to hold extended to full length on leg.
  • Black, black-laced leather shoes or leather slip-ons, polished to a shine.  No suede or sports shoes.
  • For Years 9 to 11, the Wellington College jersey is plain grey with College colours.  The black Wellington College Senior jersey may only be worn by Year 12 and Year 13 students.
  • During Terms 1 and 4, plain brown sandals with a back strap may be worn in place of black shoes and socks.

2. Wellington College Senior Uniform/Dress Uniform

  • Black Wellington College jersey or College blazer.
  • White shirt, buttoned at the neck, with College tie.  Sleeves buttoned at the cuff.
  • The Wellington College tie.  The only exceptions to this tie are
  • a) The Scholar’s tie and
  • b) First team ties during inter-school fixtures.
  • Wellington College grey long trousers neatly pressed. Tapered trousers are not permitted.
  • Plain black dress socks.
  • Black leather shoes, polished to a shine.  No suede, sports or casual shoes.

3. Uniform for Physical Education in Years 9 and 10

  •  Black Wellington College PE shirt, black Wellington College PE shorts; white sports socks with college stripes, and a pair of athletic shoes – all of which must be clearly named.

All uniform items are available from the Uniform Shop.


  • Jewellery, necklaces, rings, sunglasses, bracelets.
  • Jandals, casual shoes, buckled or suede shoes.
  • Students who wear an earring must replace it while in uniform with a small, non-decorative  stud.  Any other visible jewellery or piercings are not permitted.  Multiple studs are not permitted.
  • T-shirts are not to be visible.
  • Make-up of any kind, including nail polish.


  • Only a plain black waterproof jacket or puffer jacket with full length sleeves may be worn.  The only insignia permitted is the name of the manufacturer.  Approved jackets may be purchased from the uniform shop.  Jackets are not to be worn in class or assembly.
  • The Wellington College tracksuit is for sports use only.  No part of it may be worn as part of the regular uniform.  The tracksuit may be worn home but not in combination with the regular uniform.
  • Hoodies are not part of the Wellington College uniform and are not permitted to be worn at school, or to and from school.
  • Only a regulation Wellington College scarf may be worn.
  • The only hat to be worn is the regulation style hat (for sun protection) which features The College monogram.  This hat may be worn in Terms 1 and 4.  The wearing of caps or beanies with the Wellington College uniform is not permitted.