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Google Apps

Planning, Organisation and Communication

Wellington College uses Google Apps, for students and staff to communicate and organise themselves. 

To find help on using Google products you might find this website of help.


  • You are now able use Gmail Contacts to search for other students and teachers to email. You can also create personalised Contact Groups such as class, team or club etc.
  • Students are able to communicate with each other using Gmail Chat.

Google Docs

  • Google Docs allows you to store your documents online so that you can access and edit them from school or from home.
  • Google Docs includes Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations.
  • Google Docs allows you to keep one copy of your document with full backup and version history.
  • You can share documents with other Wellington College users or others outside the school.
  • You can also store up to 1GB of other file types to your Google Docs accounts such as Microsoft Office, Images, Multimedia, Zip files...etc...

Google Docs Templates

With the introduction of the 6-Day Timetable we have tried to make your personal organisation easier.

  • You can use the MyApps > MyTimetable page to import your timetable into your calendar.

An online Wellington College Student Planner (including Diary and Timetable) has been added to the Wellington College Templates Gallery.

  • This template takes 5 minutes to set up by entering in your timetable once and then a Diary is automatically created for the full year.
  • You will also be able to place your timetable online and access it from anywhere.
  • To access this Template go to the Template Gallery. Choose the Senior (Y11-13) or Junior (Y9-10) by clicking on "Use this template".
  • A copy is then created for you. Make sure you follow the instructions to set this up (bottom of template page)

A number of other student templates will be added over the year. Feel free to browse the Wellington College Template Gallery or Public Templates.

Google Calendar

  • You can use the MyApps > MyTimetable page to import your timetable into your calendar.
  • A number of Wellington College Google Calendars have been created with more to follow.
  • You can add them to your own Google Calendar by opening them and clicking on the "+ Google Calendar" icon (bottom right).
  • You can also create more than one of your own Calendars
  • Another feature of Calendars is the ability to set up email or free text reminders for events. Just go to "Settings" (top right) in your Calendar.

Some Wellington College Calendars:

School information
Assessment information
Timetable structure
Sports information

Click here for More information on Wellington College Google Apps services