End-of-year Conversation with your Critical Friend.

Why:As part of our ongoing registration process, to retain our practicing certificate, we must all engage in meaningful appraisal of our teaching practices. We must reflect on how well we are demonstrating the teaching standards in our practices and what areas need specific time for professional growth. Our students benefit from teachers who are continually learning. 

What: Reflect back on your year of teaching and how the teaching standards have been demonstrated in your practice. You should refer to your Connect doc to see how well you worked towards your development objective. Your Reflect: Annual Summary Report is an important one; your critical friend needs to be sure that

  • you are demonstrating the teaching standards in your practice 
  • you are showing genuine effort towards the teaching standards in your practice. 

If your critical friend is not certain that this is happening, they should not sign it off, and further support will be required with a member of SLT.

How: Organise a time to meet with your critical friend (you will need approximately an hour). Go to the PGC Google Classroom (invite code qe7m4xy). There you will find your Reflect doc. Follow the guide on the doc during your meeting with your critical friend and Turn in.

When: This conversation and its completed doc should be completed before Week 7 of Term 4.