Emergency Planning


Visitors to Wellington College are to follow the instructions of College staff in the event of any emergency. The assembly point is the turf.

The College has regular evacuation practices in preparation for a response to a fire, earthquake or any other emergency. There are also emergency lock-down practices held during the year. The safety of staff and students is of prime importance. After a real fire or earthquake, a decision may be taken not to re-enter the buildings and an orderly evacuation of the site may be necessary.  

Students and staff will have evacuated the buildings and will be assembled outside on the turf with their Tutor teachers. Efforts will be made to contact parents/caregivers or a designated adult to advise that the school is closed and an orderly evacuation of the site is underway. Staff will need to get instructions on what action families wish the school to take. Many families will come on site to collect their sons. When contact is made either by the Tutor teacher, please advise which of the following actions you wish the school to take;

1.       Allow your son to leave the school on his own with instructions from you as to how he is to get home or make contact with family.

2.       Instruct your son to remain on school property under the supervision of staff until he is collected by a member of the family or a designated adult.

3.       That reunification with family cannot be made due to circumstances and that he is to remain at school for a longer period of time – possibly overnight (up to three days).

4.       Any other arrangements the family wish to request.

If contact cannot be made with family members or the designated adult, the school will take care and responsibility for your son who will remain on-site. The school has made preparations to provide shelter, food and water for a period up to three days.

Updated Contact Information

It is important we have updated contact information so please check that we have current mobile/work/home numbers. Please email the school on datacheck@wc.school.nz if you have recently changed any of these details.

College Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Emergency Fire Evacuation 

If you discover a fire:

     Give the alarm: tell a teacher or a prefect. Ring the nearest fire alarm bell.

If the alarm sounds:

     Follow your teacher's instructions.

     Use the evacuation route for the room you are in.

     Assemble in Tutor class lines on the Turf.

Emergency Earthquake Evacuation

If you feel an earthquake:

     Take cover under a desk, in a doorway, or assume the turtle position. (Drop, cover, hold routine)

     Hold onto the legs of desk to stop it moving away.

     Do not run outside.

When shaking stops:

     Follow your teacher's instructions.

     Do not leave the building unless an evacuation is ordered.

     Assemble in Tutor class lines on the Turf.

Evacuation of Buildings: General

If an emergency evacuation is ordered (continuous ringing):

     Follow your teacher's instructions.

     Use the evacuation route for the room you are in.

     Leave bags behind.

     Walk briskly. Do not run.

     Do not use lifts.

     Report to tutor class assembly point on the turf