Deans & Guidance

For each year level in the College, a Dean is responsible to the Principal. Matters affecting a student should first be referred to the Dean.

Contacting or Visiting your Dean

You can email or telephone your Dean, or visit the Dean in the Deans' Office Area (above the Bursary/Stationery Shop).  Contact details are as follows:

Year 9 Deans

Mr Jack Coles (JWC)

Telephone: 04 802 2532

Mr Guy Mance (GM)

Telephone: 04 802 2532


Year 10 Dean

Ms Jenna Vreeburg (JV)

Telephone: 04 802 2569


Year 11 Dean

Mr Peter Maitland (PM)

Telephone: 04 802 2535


Year 12 Dean

Mr Michael Bangma (BM)

Telephone: 04 802 2526


Year 13 Dean

Miss Arina Tulitua (TU)

Telephone: 04 802 2533