Y13 TESTIMONIALS | Wellington College


Please note that testimonials are not processed automatically.

A testimonial will only be prepared if you:
• have completed the online Google Form ‘Y13 2018 Information for Testimonials’
• make an application in early 2019, once your final NCEA and NZ Scholarship results have been received from 2018. The process below then needs to be followed.

Process of application:
1. Dates: The application must be made by email between 1 February and 1 April 2019
2. Contact: Email your request for a testimonial to: testimonials@wc.school.nz

Details of coverage:
The testimonial will include information on your character, academic qualities and attainment, plus extracurricular involvement and leadership roles in the past two years. It will be read and signed off by Mr Fountain as Principal.

Testimonials will be prepared in the order of the requests received by email. Once finalised, the testimonial will be mailed to your home address prior to the end of Term Two 2019, Friday 5 July. If requested, a pdf version can also be emailed to your personal address.

Patrick Smith, Y13 Dean 2018
Gil. Roper, Staff Systems Adviser