Virtual ANZAC Assembly 2020

April 23, 2020

War has cast a long shadow over Wellington College. Old Boys serving and dying in wars spans three centuries. The College’s Memorial Plaques are inscribed with the names of Old Boys who served and those who were killed in: The Boer War, World Wars One and Two and Afghanistan. For most, they are just names. Reading them now no longer invokes a memory or an emotion as it once did. 

However, we must never forget that they too walked the corridors of the school, jostling one another and talking about upcoming events, played on the grounds at lunchtimes and on Saturdays, sat in classrooms learning French vocab, Mathematical formulae, the difference between a verb and an adverb. 

Each ANZAC Day we must make time to remember them, our fellow students. To hope and pray that what they experienced will only be learnt about in books by the current and future generations of Coll Boys.

In the place of our annual ANZAC Assembly, we invite all members of the Wellington College community to watch the videos and explore the links on this page as we commemorate ANZAC Day together.

Wellington College Poppy

On their Wellington College Instagram page, our students have been promoting their 'virtues of the day'. In recent days these have included 'gratitude'. As a way of showing your gratitude to people, either in the past or present, we invite you to print off this Wellington College Poppy, add the name of someone you are grateful for, and place in a window at the front of your house. There is also a colouring in version that primary aged children in your bubble might like to use (or anyone else whose keen!)

Virtual Assembly

Click here to read about the experience of Wellington College and the First World War.

Click here to read out about Old Boy, Hami Grace, killed during the Gallipoli campaign, & hear Wellington College students reading from his diary.

Click here to watch a short video about life and tragic death of Hami Grace, and how Wellington College remembers him.

Click here to read the 1919 Wellingtonian, which contains photos of the Wellington College Old Boys, killed in the First World War.

Click here to hear British High Commissioner, Laura Clarke, speaking with Gregor after last year's Wellington College ANZAC Assembly.

Click here to read the British High Commissioner's speech, delivered at Wellington College's 2019 ANZAC Assembly.