Tutor Conferences - 26 August

August 4, 2019

On Wednesday 21st August, we will be holding our annual Tutor Conferences.

This is an important day for focusing on the academic achievement and pastoral needs of Wellington College students.

Wellington College reports on the progress of students in a variety of ways. Earlier in the year, parents received progress reports and at the beginning of Term Two many parents took the opportunity to meet with subject teachers at the parent/teacher evening. More recently, parents of Years 11-13 students received written reports. (These are available through the parent portal).

The Tutor Conference is an opportunity for students and parents to meet with the form tutor to discuss academic goals and progress, attendance, pastoral issues, and to develop an academic action plan for the remainder of 2019.

The day will involve parents/caregivers and their sons in a 15 minute Academic Conference session with the form tutor. Your attendance at this session is highly desirable.

There will be no timetabled classes on this day.

Students are expected to wear school uniform, escort their parents to the classroom where the conference will be held and introduce parents to the form tutor.