Tower Block Remediation Project

November 27, 2022

25 November 2022
Re: Tower Block Remediation Project

We would like to take this opportunity to inform our school community of  remediation work occurring at Wellington College and the impact that it may  have on the Wellington College community. We have worked closely with the  Ministry of Education to ensure that we are well placed to continue to offer  engaging and rich learning experiences for all.
Below is a summary of the key points contained in this document prepared by both the Ministry of Education and Wellington College.

·         To be compliant with Earthquake Standards, the Ministry of Education will lead a project to re-clad the Tower  Block at Wellington College.

·          It is important this work is carried out to improve the Tower Block’s performance in a significant event and to meet MBIE requirements.

·          The work is scheduled to begin late  November 2022 and is expected to be completed early 2024. 

·          While construction is happening, some  classes will relocate to prefab classrooms that will be situated above the terraces to the main field. This will allow for the Tower Block work to be  completed in the shortest possible time.

·          We are working with the contractors  to minimise the level of noise during school.

·          During some phases of the work, the  lifts in the Tower Block will be unavailable.  Wellington College is  committed to making sure this does not disadvantage staff or students with  mobility issues by assessing which classes may have to be shifted to  accommodate them.

·          A one-way system for all vehicles  entering Wellington College will be established during the entire contract  period. This means that all staff, students, caregivers & parents, and  visitors to Wellington College will enter via Dufferin Street (by  Government House) and exit via  Paterson Street (by Mt Victoria tunnel).

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Should you have any questions pertaining to any  aspect of this project, please contact, in the first instance, Darrell Harvey, Deputy Principal, (04) 802 2531.
Nāku iti noa, nā


Darrell Harvey
Deputy Principal

Wellington College

Anna Walshaw
Delivery Team Manager

Ministry of  Education