June 1, 2021

School donations are eligible for tax credits. This can put money back in your pocket. If you don’t claim this tax credit then we ask that you consider giving it to the School as an additional donation. To make the process easier we’re partnering with TaxGift, click here to read more.

Wellington College has joined a number of New Zealand schools in signing up with TaxGift.

This partnership will allow you and other generous supporters to easily gift us tax credits from any donations you have made to Wellington College.

By signing up to TaxGift, you can make your giving to Wellington College go up to 48%further without opening your wallet. How? If you are an individual New Zealand tax resident who has received taxable income in the current financial year, then you are entitled to a rebate of up to 33% on each donation that you’ve made to Wellington College. This means that for every $100 that you donate to us this tax year, TaxGift will claim $33.33 on our behalf as an additional donation from you. Next year, that $33.33 provides us with another tax credit, meaning TaxGift claims $11.11 as a further gift of money from you. The next year we get gifted $3.70 as a further donation, meaning that over three years, from an initial donation of $100.00, your total gift has become $148.14 at no cost to you!

By clicking the link below, you can simply sign up to TaxGift and make an additional gift to Wellington College of the amount of your relevant tax credit on your donations to us for this tax year, and going forward. By choosing to donate your tax credit, the impact of your giving will go even further, making a real difference in the work that we can do!

Finally, if you know that you haven’t claimed the tax credit on your donation to us in the past four years, you can gift us those as well, amplifying your gift even further. Simply tick the box on the form regarding the past four years’ donations and the team at TaxGift will ensure that we receive this as an additional gift from you: it’s that simple.

It won’t cost you anything to sign up to TaxGift, and only tax credits available on your donations to Wellington college will be captured – but please note that once you have signed up, you will not be able to claim this tax credit for yourself. We pay a small fee to TaxGift for the use of their service. Signing up appoints TaxGift as your tax agent for the purpose of your donations to us – it does not affect any other tax agents that you might have (for Example, if you have an accountant who does your tax returns). You can opt out of TaxGift at anytime by

Please click on the link below to opt in to TaxGift your donations (you will need your IRD number), or visit for further information.