Student Hearing Results cause Concern

October 20, 2022

Wellington College recently took part in the 2022 Hearing Screening and Make Listening Safe Programme This is such an important initiative to help young kiwi kids with their hearing health as well as educate them on unsafe listening habits which unfortunately in this modern world are leading to increasingly high levels of youth hearing loss globally.

The results of this testing are a cause of concern!

Wellington College results indicated that 24% of the students screened had abnormal hearing results. Some of these students are now being referred for a full hearing assessment. Sadly  28% of students advised they are already experiencing ringing in the ears, otherwise known as Tinnitus. In the majority of cases, Tinnitus leads to hearing loss and hearing health issues in the future, this is a worrying trend we are seeing across New Zealand. Ringing in the ears is being experienced by even those students who are returning a normal hearing screening result, which could mean if they continue with unsafe listening habits, hearing loss could be a real issue in the future.


Unsafe listening habits mean listening to personal devices such as smartphones at higher volumes than recommended and for long periods.  At Wellington College 54% of students that were screened are listening at unsafe levels for a long period and therefore may develop hearing issues in the future. This highlights the importance of educating students and their parents on how young people can enjoy listening to music and recreational noise safely to protect their hearing. Once your hearing is gone you cannot get it back.


The Make Listening Safe Education initiative is an important part of the Hearing Screening programme and aims to educate students and their parents on safe listening practices. Below is the website with resources that parents and students can read through to protect their hearing

Wellington College  will also try to address these issues through our Health and Wellbeing programmes.