Parent-Teacher Interviews - 2 & 5 May

April 4, 2019

Parent-Teacher Interviews

This year we are formally reporting to parents and whānau through progress reports, written reports, parent teacher interviews and
a tutor conference.

The 2019 Parent-Teacher interviews are an opportunity for you to have a brief meeting with each of your son's teachers.

These are taking place on the following nights:

Thursday 2 May 2:30pm - 6:30pm: First week of Term 2

Monday 6 May 2:30pm - 6:30pm: Second week of Term 2

Please note that one each of these days, school will be finishing at 12.30pm for all students.

There are no specific nights for year groups. Please just choose the evening that suits you best.

Please note that there will be an opportunity for parents to meet with tutor teachers later in the year. The aim of these interviews is for you to meet with the subject teachers.

Making the Appointments

Making the Appointments

1.           Go to

2.           Click on 'Make a Booking'

3.           Use this code: 3zpe3- Click Go

4.            Fill out the form - make sure you enter how many sons you have at Wellington College and then enter their names - Click Go

5.            Choose all your son's subject teachers at once (not the Tutor Teacher) - your son will inform you of his teachers' names, but you can also find this information on the Parent Portal under attendance - Click Go

6.            Make sure you choose the correct dates - there are 2 dates on offer, both in the first 2 weeks of next term

7.            After making your bookings Click Go - You can print the final screen with all your bookings, but you will receive an email with the same list of bookings.