NZ Scholarship Success Continues

February 6, 2021

The remarkable success of Wellington College students in the New Zealand Scholarship Awards has continued, with the 2020 awards announced on Thursday 4th February. Scholarships are reserved for the top 3% of Year 13 students across New Zealand in each subject area. ‘Outstanding’ awards are given to the top 0.3% of Year 13 students in each subject area.

Wellington College’s students gained a total of 102 awards in 18 different subjects. 7 awards were gained at ‘Outstanding’ level. The subjects in which scholarships were secured were: Accounting, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Classical Studies, Design, Economics, EnglishFrench, Geography, Health and Physical Education, History, Media Studies, Music, Physics, Religious Studies, Statistics and Technology. Outstanding scholarships were gained in Calculus, Design, English, Health and Physical Education, Physics and Statistics. Successful students are rewarded by receiving financial remuneration towards their tertiary studies.

Wellington College has always been at the forefront of top success among the NZ Scholarship awards since the inception of this examination. Worthy recognition and high commendation are given to both staff and students for their dedication and commitment to attain such high achievements.