NZ Scholarship Success Continues

March 4, 2019

For 2018, in total, 108 scholarships were gained by students from College, with 8 of these being Outstanding Scholarships. A notable outcome was the number of Year 12 students who were successful in gaining awards. The subjects in which scholarships were secured were: Accounting, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Classical Studies, Design, Economics, EnglishFrench, Geography, Health and Physical Education, History, Media Studies, Painting, Photography, Physics, Spanish, and Statistics. Outstanding scholarships were gained in Biology, Calculus, Geography, History, Physics and Statistics. Successful students are rewarded by receiving financial remuneration towards their tertiary studies.

These results recognised the very high calibre of our senior academic students at the top level for New Zealand secondary schools in 2018. Two of our students – Harry Crawford and Nicholas Patel were among the top 60 scholars in the country and were recognised by NZQA as Outstanding Scholars. Harry gained an Outstanding Scholarship in Statistics and scholarships in English, Media Studies, Geography as well as Health and Physical Education, while Nicholas as a Year 12 student, gained Outstanding Scholarships in both Physics and Calculus and scholarships in Chemistry and Statistics.

Wellington College has always been at the forefront of top success among the NZ Scholarship awards since the inception of this examination. Worthy recognition andhigh commendation are given to both staff and students for their dedication andc ommitment to attain such high achievements.