'Loves Me Not' Workshop - 7 May

April 12, 2021

On the 7th May all Year 12 students will be participating in a Healthy Relationship Workshop called “Loves Me Not”. This is a ‘whole-school approach’ to help prevent abusive behaviour in relationships. It is based on a student inquiry learning process, where students take action (personal action, effective bystander action and community action) to prevent harm from relationship abuse. It encourages teenagers  to engage in conversations with whanau about navigating relationships and avoiding relationship abuse. 

The Loves-Me-Not workshop is built around six focus areas. It will be delivered as a one-day workshop in which students will:

• explore qualities of good relationships 

• recognise early signs of relationship abuse 

• understand sexual consent, what it means, and why they need it

• apply critical thinking about who is advantaged by societal myths, and how these myths may perpetuate relationship abuse and acts of sexual abuse 

• explore if, when and how to be an active bystander

• are encouraged to 'take action for change' for themselves, their friends and family, and the wider community to have safer communities together. 

Each workshop will have up to 25 students and facilitators.

The team of three trained facilitators will be made up of a nominated school staff member, a member of police, and a non-government organisation representative. At least one of the facilitators will be a male. This interagency model of facilitation is key to Loves-Me-Not, as it provides:

 • community support for the school and the teachers to promote positive relationships.

 • a range of agencies that young people are able to access if affected by relationship abuse. 

An Introduction to 'Loves Me Not'

The day will begin at 9:30am instead of the normal 10.20am Friday start. The day will conclude around 3pm.

It is expected that all students will attend, however the workshop does contain some confronting and challenging content. if you would prefer that a student in your care doesn't take part, please email one of the Year 12 Deans Jenna Vreeburg j.vreeburg@wc.school.nz or Anine Korb a.korb@wc.school.nz.