Learning @ Home Information - Updated

May 7, 2020

Thank you to all the students and parents who continue to provide feedback on our Learning @ Home programme  - we really appreciate your support and input!  Below are some updates based on common feedback and questions:

Student Survey

Our students told us that they really enjoy the flexibility of the online learning programmes as well as the wellbeing benefits of working from home. Students have let us know that we need to continue to monitor their workload as well as continue to offer regular opportunities to ask questions via Google Meets. The short feedback form is still open, so students are welcome to fill it in so that we can continue to use information from students to develop our programmes.

A couple of reminders for Week 5

Workload: We know that Learning @ Home isn’t always easy and that sometimes it feels like there is way too much work! If you’re finding it hard, please let your teachers know so that they can make changes.

Prioritising your activities: Your wellbeing is really important to us! We really want you to make time for exercise, creativity, connecting with your friends and device-free time. No subject is more important than another, but if it isn’t possible for you to give equal time to all of your subjects - don’t! Prioritise your work and complete what is manageable. Please let your teachers know if there are things you can’t do so that they can support you.

Support: PLEASE ASK FOR HELP! We are here if you need support - teachers, Tutor Teachers, Deans and the Counsellors. We also have a new online reporting tool WC Bullying Free Helpline  for you to use if there is anything happening that is potentially harmful to anyone in our community - both online and offline.

Learning Support

The Student/Learning Support team for all students is still available during this Learning @ Home period. We understand that some students will be feeling overwhelmed and may need some extra support. Our team is happy to help - please contact us at senco@wc.school.nz.

Here are some tips to help with Learning @ Home:

  • Click here to see accessibility features on ipads including text to voice features.
  • There are a range of text to speech options such as this one available, as well as a range of extensions for Google Chrome to support having documents read to you.
  • Google Docs has a speech to text function to allow voice typing. Go to Tools > Voice Type Setting. Remember that with this setting you need to say full stop, comma instructions as words.
  • Make sure you look after yourself - take regular breaks away from your screen, drink plenty of  water and make sure you get some exercise!

If your son, or another Wellington College student that you are aware of, is not able to access the online resources, for whatever reason, we would love to hear from you. Please email Andrew Savage - a.savage@wc.school.nz and he will follow up as soon as possible. We are working with the Ministry of Education to ensure that all our students are able to connect and learn in this new environment. For support with forgotten passwords or technical assistance please contact helpdesk@wc.school.nz.


Please click on the links below to ensure that you have the information that you will need to make the most of the online learning opportunities we are providing this term.

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Learning @ Home - Parent Help Sheet for Term 2

Alert Level 3 - Parent Help Sheet

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