Digital Citizenship Responsible Use

September 19, 2020

At the beginning of the year we held workshops to get student input into the development of a new Digital Citizenship Responsible Use Agreement. A large number of students have made recommendations and over the past term the Student Council has been working on reviewing the agreement and revising it based on student feedback. The finalised agreement can now be read here and a hard copy was provided to student at Tutor Time on Monday 5th September. We would be grateful if you could take some time to discuss this agreement at home.

Over the next few weeks we are asking everyone in our community to sign the agreement and return it to school by Friday 25th September. In signing the agreement students and parents are acknowledging that they have read and understood the framework for responsible digital use at Wellington College. 

In response to student feedback, later this term the Student Council will also be providing some material to support and enhance understanding of how the school might respond in the event of any online concerns.  We will also be including a ‘Digital Citizenship’ section in our Weekly Newsletter to support ongoing conversations about online the experiences of our young people.

We are grateful to the students for their input into the development of this agreement, and in particular the Student Council sub-committee, and we look forward to working together to ensure a safe and enjoyable online learning environment for all.

Remember that we have an anonymous online reporting tool - WC Bullying Free Helpline for you to use if there is anything happening that is potentially harmful to anyone in our community - both online and offline.

Digital Citizenship Resources for Parents

Have a look at Netsafe's Online Safety Parent Toolkit - this covers advice and further resources about some of the key challenges our young people face online, with a particular focus on: Online bullying, Unwanted contact, Social media, Sexting and Inappropriate content.