Digital Citizenship Ideas & Resources

March 27, 2020

Our current environment means that we will all undoubtedly be spending more time online. At Wellington College we started the year by asking our students what they thought our guidelines for digital citizenship should be, as well as find out what things mattered for them. 

We have learned that our students appreciate all of the exciting possibilities that the digital world offers for learning new things, socialising with others and connecting with ideas and people all over the world. We also know that our young people regularly encounter challenges online such as social exclusion, bullying, inappropriate behaviour and pornography. 

As a learning community, with the help of the Student Council, we have been working together to develop our digital citizenship guidelines within the framework of our College Values and the Harmful Digital Communications Act.

We would appreciate it if families could take some time to discuss this agreement (we were planning to do this in Tutor Classes this week). It is so important that we remember that the Prime Minister’s message We will get through this together, but only if we stick together. Be strong and be kind” also extends to our online spaces.

To support our families we have also created a Digital Citizenship Parent Help Sheet called ‘Supporting Young People Online’. This contains some helpful information, including some possible conversation starters about online safety.

Let’s work together to provide a safe and enjoyable online learning environment for all. And remember that if you need help our Guidance Teams are here to support us and we can also report online harm to Netsafe

Wellington College Digital Citizenship Responsible Use Agreement.

Digital Citizenship Parent Help Sheet