Alert Level 2 - COLL Check-In Continues

May 14, 2020

The COLL Check-in system is intended to support the partnership between home and school to encourage and support positive work habits through regular tracking of engagement.

At a fundamental level, the COLL Check-in is about staying connected and being able to identify students who may need extra support or encouragement. The COLL Check-in is not a report, but rather a weekly indicator of student engagement in their subjects. The purpose is to support conversations at home about how students are feeling about their learning. We hope that the COLL Check-in will also help students to have some accountability to engage with their learning programmes and to seek support from their teachers where they need it.

We recognise that staying motivated all the time can be difficult! We are encouraging students to let their teachers know if there are things they are finding challenging so that teachers can support them. This is also a way of demonstrating engagement!

The COLL Check-in is based on a ‘best-fit’ for the week depending on the expectations of different subjects. This means that what engagement looks like from week to week may be different depending on the kind of work the students are doing. 

The COLL Check-in  is updated by Monday afternoon each week. We suggest that parents and students check the portal every Tuesday. It is live on the parent and student portals under the ‘Class Efforts’ tab. The technical problem from last week has been resolved by our external provider, although the graphs look a little bit different. 

Parent Guide - How to check the Parent Portal for COLL Check-In

COLL Check-in Descriptors