Changes to School Buses - 24 August

August 10, 2020

Metlionk have informed us of some changes to their service starting on Monday 24th August to the 737 and 741 bus routes. These changes have been made in response to feedback they have received relating to overcrowding on the route 741 service.

The current route 737 trips (3) have been re-scheduled to depart Karori Park- Allington Road 7 minutes later at 7.50, 7.52 & 7.54am. The route 741 will still depart at 8.05am but will start from Karori Rd opposite Karori Normal School instead of Karori Park - Allington Rd. The key message for students is that the last bus servicing the stops between Karori Park and Karori Normal School departs Karori Park (Allington Road) at 7.54am - the 8.05am bus will no longer operate along this section of the route so students on this section of the route will need to be at their stop 11 minutes earlier. Students using the route 741 service boarding after Karori Normal School
will also need to be at their stop 6 minutes earlier.