Attitude Presentations - 24 August

July 22, 2020

These have been postponed due to COVID-19.

On Monday 24th August our students will be having presentations from a group called 'Attitude'.  Attitude – the youth education division of Parenting Place – is dedicated to equipping teenagers with the information and skills they need to negotiate the adolescent years and build meaningful lives. The materials, based on credible research and linked to the health curriculum, give young people strategies for solving problems, handling stress, building resilience and negotiating relationships. Wellington College has been working with this organisation for many years and our students always seem to value their presentations.

Year 9 - Hauora

This is a survival guide to looking after your entire well-being as a teenager. It is designed to introduce and complement teaching of the Hauora health model. We cover healthy decision making in areas of physical, social, mental and spiritual well-being.

Year 10 - Sex & Relationships

We discuss the emotional and social aspects of sexuality and provide a decision-making guide to relationships. The programme covers the benefits of postponing sexual involvement and how to set boundaries. It challenges teenagers to think about the options for their future. If any parent prefers that their student does not attend this session please email the Yr 10 Dean ( or

Year 11 -13 - Mental Health

We introduce some common mental health issues and normalize seeking and getting help. This is a survival kit for handling the bad times, and covers grief and depression. Students are equipped with ideas to help their mental well-being.