Alert Level 2 - General Information

June 4, 2020


At Alert Level 2,  schools are safe environments for children, young people and staff.  We will implement similar processes to those which we previously used during Alert level 2. These will enable us to ensure that we know who is at school and who our staff and students have been in close contact with. We will also be taking enhanced hygiene and cleaning measures to keep everyone safe.  

Physical distancing is a good precaution to prevent the spread of disease. However, the Government has acknowledged that this can be difficult to maintain in schools.  Therefore regular cleaning and good personal hygiene practices are more important than ever. This includes staff and students coughing into their elbows, regular hand-washing with soap, and the regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces.  

It is crucial that all students and staff stay at home if they are sick. We will send anyone home immediately if they have any symptoms.  

The detailed information below is designed to help everyone to have a clear understanding of what to expect during Alert Level 2 on the Wellington College campus.

If any member of the Wellington College community has further suggestions about enhancing health and safety at Wellington College during Alert Level 2, please email us at


We are yet to receive specific information about how Metlink will respond to this return to Alert Level 2. We will update staff, students & parents as soon as information is available.


During Alert Level 2 some additional Health & Safety practices are implemented. These include:

  • The additional cleaning of toilets, changing rooms and high use surfaces throughout the day
  • Clear guidelines for students & staff about appropriate hygiene practices being constantly provided & reinforced
  • Hand sanitiser available and utilised in all classrooms and other spaces where people meet.  (While this will be provided by the school, students are welcome to bring their own supply of hand sanitizer if they wish.) 
  • Students using school desktop computers (ie.g. Digital Technology, DVC, Design & Art) could consider bringing wet-wipes, or a similar product, to use prior to keyboard use
  • Disinfectant being made available in all areas of the school for cleaning desks, equipment and other surfaces throughout the day
  • Alert Level 2 routines for students entering classrooms (i.e. students will be permitted to enter straight into class with classroom doors being left open throughout the day to reduce corridor congestion)
  • Improved traffic flow practices for students as they move around the school (e.g. one way system in the Tower Block and Year 9 & 10 students being released 5 minutes early from each class to ease congestion around the school)
  • Encouraging students to bring their own drink bottles to school and filling them at home.


Accurate class are more important than ever under Alert Level 2.  Should there be a COVID-19 case in our school community, we would be required to pass this information onto the Ministry of Health for their contact tracing process.

  • If any student will not be attending school on any day, it is crucial that you let us know as soon as possible and by 8.30am at the latest, by using the email address, the school app, or by calling the absences phone line: (04) 8022560.
  • Our usual processes around all visitors signing in when they arrive will also be crucially important. If you are visiting the campus, it is imperative that you report to reception, sign in, and sign out when you leave.
  • Staff and community volunteers who facilitate meetings, practices or gatherings associated in any way with Wellington College will be required to create and keep registers of attendees to assist with potential contact tracing.
  • All students will be required to stay on campus for the duration of the school day.


We are aware that there may be a small group of students who may not be able to attend school on some days during Alert Level Two. With this in mind, we will be asking teachers to continue to post notes and other class materials that are being used in class onto their Google Classrooms so that those students who are not at school can still be included in the learning. Please be aware that teachers will be unable to provide the same level of online interaction as they did during the Learning @ Home period (Alert Levels 3 & 4).


Wellington College staff members and students are permitted to facilitate activities on our campus which are solely for Wellington College students. While there is a need to maintain our hygiene and contact tracing procedures, as everyone involved is part of the wider school bubble there is no limit to the number of Wellington College students who can participate in these sessions. If people from outside the student and staff body of Wellington College are involved in these events, the events become 'mass gatherings' and therefore the 100 person limit applies.

We are asking all those involved with extra-curricular activities, who are not Wellington College students or staff, to follow our contact tracing procedures using the QR codes that are posted around the school.