Alert Level 2 - Catch-up Week

May 14, 2020

The primary focus of our first week back is re-establishing relationships and routines, including creating spaces to process what we've all experienced. We need a balance of normality with the acknowledgement of the fact that we are returning to school during a significant nationwide event.

With this in mind, the first week of term is a catch-up week. This means that no new content will be taught in classes. We will take the time to discuss, recap, clarify and consolidate the work undertaken in the Learning @ Home programme.

No new content does not mean no learning! This is an opportunity to reinforce what has been taught during the Learning @ Home period and to clarify and deepen understanding. Students will be arriving back in class having had a wide variety of experiences of Learning @ Home with varying degrees of success and engagement. This week will be used to extend those students who have managed well and support those students who may need to catch up.