A Message from the PPSG

April 23, 2020

Talofa lava, Kia orana, Bula Vinaka, Malo e lelei, Fakalofa lahi atu, Malo ni, Aloha, to all our Matua, Parents and Fanau

We hope that you and the fanau are safe, well, and are looking after each other in your respective bubbles. It is important to keep positive and encourage each other during this time of uncertainty, as we have all been impacted by Covid 19. We acknowledge and thank our family of essential workers for their service and commitment to our community.

During this time we may be feeling anxious for our families health and wellbeing, loss of income and financial responsibilities, with many of these situations beyond our control. It is times like this where we need to come together and support each other. Having that connection with family, friends, and colleagues outside our bubble, is important too. By making that phone call, or sending a text message, having a Zoom chat, FaceTime, or Google Meet can uplift our spirits and help us feel connected to each other.

With Term 2 now started, it will mean new challenges, and getting into routines for learning from home. Thank you to all the WC Staff who have been working behind the scenes during the break to ensure that they would be ready for this, when we started back. Online learning or Learning @ Home means everyone should have access to a device. If you do not have one please make contact with Andrew Savage a.savage@wc.school.nz  at school as soon as possible, so that we can get you assistance. Thank you to the WC Board and Staff much needed chromebooks that have been delivered to some of our WC families!

There is a lot of information on the WC website and the Parent Portal. If you have any enquiries about your son's learning, please make contact with your son's Dean or Tutor Teacher with an email. It is important to keep communication between home and school up to date, especially during this time, where online connection is one of our only connectors.

We look forward to catching up with you all again soon!

Fa’afetai tele lava,

Deborah Tiatia (on behalf of the PPSG)