A Message from our Student Leaders

May 14, 2020

Parking at school for Y12 and Y13! Email d.ashby@wc.school.nz ASAP.

Now that we have your attention!


  • Monday will start with Tutor Time and 8.50am and a Virtual Welcome / Mihi Whakatau
  • For the duration of Alert Level 2,  Year 12 and 13 students can bring their cars to school and park them in a designated space on our campus. If you intend to bring a car to school, please email Mr Ashby - d.ashby@wc.school.nz by Saturday at 12pm.
  • All students need to consider ways of getting to & from school that don't involve buses
  • New hygiene practices (e.g. Tower Block stairwells - one way up & one way down, coming straight into class rather than lining up, 1 metre spacing at the canteen)
  • First week is 'Catch-Up Week' - No new course content!
  • Years 12 & 13 students need to stay on site for interval and lunchtimes
  • Extra-curricular programmes will resume after Queen’s Birthday Weekend
  • Bring a full drink bottle (no water fountains available)
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the start of every class, but bring your own if you have some.
  • Stay away if you have a runny nose or sore throat, and get yourself tested for COVID-19 (the testing station is just round the corner from Jack's Bakery!)
  • More detail on all this stuff is here


We know that some of you are really looking forward to getting back into your classes, and that some of you might be feeling a bit anxious for a variety of reasons. That is all good!  We know everyone will need time to re-adjust and get back into school routine, whilst also forming new habits with the new rules and expectations. So please be considerate towards your teachers and other students as we return. We want you to know that as a community we will support you in many ways when you come back. No matter where you got up to in your studies - don’t panic, you’ll have time to catch up. We understand everyone has had different circumstances over the past 7 weeks.


We won’t be thrown in the deep end with work right away because the first week has no new content, so you have an opportunity to reconnect with each other, go over what has been taught during the Learning @ Home period. Big clutch from the senior leadership team. We know lots of you might not have completed as much work as you wanted, or may have fallen behind in particular classes. This week is designed to give teachers a chance to recap the work that you have been set over lockdown. 


School life will be a bit different for hygiene reasons: you’ll be needing to wash your hands, go straight into class instead of lining up, and use the hand sanitizer provided. As well as this, the tower block stairs are now one way, look out for the signs!  Make sure to stay at home if you are feeling at all unwell. 


Once we’re all back at school dedicated wellbeing spaces will open for boys to visit at any time if they are feeling overwhelmed. These spaces combined with the school counsellors, tutor teachers and class teachers will all be working together to make the transition back to ‘regular’ school as easy as possible for students.

Signing out,

Andrew L, Toby C, Josh KW, James M, Hugo K, Aidan H and Joel T :)