$94,000 Raised For World Vision

November 3, 2019

With the Wellington College Runathon 2019 officially coming to a close, the Super Six would like to thank everyone involved in helping create what truly was a special and unforgettable event.

With the help of everyone involved, we were able to smash the record for the most money raised in a single Runathon, raising an incredible $94,021.35 for World Vision. This amount will make a massive difference in the lives of those living in poverty in the Chi Kreng community in Cambodia.

This was an incredible way to kick-start Wellington College’s new support of the Chi Kreng community in Cambodia after we raised over $1,000,000 collectively for the Ibwera Community in Tanzania over the last 20 years.

Everyone’s support is really appreciated and we look forward to next year’s Runathon!