Parent Interviews - 4th, 13th & 19th May

April 14, 2021


Term 1 attitudinal reports are now available through the parent portal. To see your student’s attitudinal report you will need to login to the parent portal.

Choose the drop down menu ‘results’ and then select ‘current year results’. You will see reports for each subject under the following  three categories:

  • Engaged and focused in class
  • Required work is completed
  • Understands the learning material

Parent Teacher Interviews

We would also like to invite you to attend the parent teacher interviews with subject teachers early in Term Two.  There will be three evenings running on the 4th May, 13th May and 19th May for you to choose from

To accommodate the interviews, school will finish at 2:20pm on those days and the interviews will run from 3pm to 6:30pm

This year the interviews will be held in the Tower block, M block and the Library instead of the AGC. (Please see the plan for rooming at the end of this document or at this link to help you book interviews). Our suggestion is to have a 5 minute break between interviews to ensure you can get to the next room in time.

There are no specific nights for year groups. Please just choose the evening that suits you best.

Making the Appointments

1.   Go to

2.   Click on 'Make a Booking'

3.   Use this code: 8fp38 - Click Go

4.   Fill out the form - make sure you enter how many students you have at Wellington College and then enter their names - Click Go

5.   Choose all your son's teachers at once - your son will inform you of his teachers' names, but you can also find this information on the Parent Portal under attendance - Click Go

6.   Make sure you choose the correct dates - there are 3 dates on offer, all in the first 3 weeks of next term

7. After making your bookings Click Go - You can print the final screen with all your bookings, but you will receive an email with the same list of bookings.

Please make sure you refer to the room plan for the evening when making you bookings 

Interview bookings will close at 5pm on Monday 3rd May for 4th May, and at 5pm on Monday 10th for interviews on 13th and 19th.