October 1, 2023

Could not be more proud of these boys. What a week it has been at Secondary School Nationals

We came third in pool play and continued on to the knock out stage quite happily as the underdog. To make top 8 was big, top 4 was huge, into the final was epic and to win is what dreams are made of!! First time ever that WC has taken out Nationals! 

The team was coached superbly by Tom Grice along with Malachi & Mike. Murphy lead the team with maturity & calmness and it was a tournament where so many of the boys stood up at different times absorbing the pressure and thriving!

Congrats to Murph, Troy & Dov for making the Tournament Team and huge congrats Dov for MVP of the tournament.

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported this team with cheering on the sides, sending messages and buying pies & raffle tickets……we are so lucky to be so supported! WC’s future is bright with five of the current team returning next year

Special thanks to Lisa Rodgers, Team Manager who has provided amazing support for the team throughout the campaign and given us these fantastic reports.

I think its fair to say that Vic Paulsen will be looking down from the great basketball court in the sky with great pride knowing that all his work and commitment over the years has provided the basis for this wonderful result.

Roll on next year!!!!!!