Student Reporting

Student Reporting

Wellington College reports to parents on their son’s academic progress using a number of methods.

Parent/Teacher Evenings:

These will be held over three evenings at the start of Term 2. This is an excellent opportunity to put a face to your son’s teachers and to get a brief synopsis of his progress. More details regarding bookings will be sent out nearer the end of Term 1.


A variety of reports are issued throughout the year. These vary in style from brief attitudinal reports to detailed written reports. Please see the calendar for the dates that these reports are issued.

Tutor Conference

The tutor conference is a 15 minute, one-on-one meeting between tutor, student and parent which takes place towards the end of Term 3. At this meeting, the student’s reports, his academic performance so far, his attendance, his pastoral care record and his goals will be discussed. The student is expected to be at the centre of this conference and should be able to explain how the year is progressing and what needs to be done to ensure success at the end of the year. This conference is deliberately placed before the practice NCEA external examinations so students and parents can still make meaningful changes, if necessary. 

Parent Portal

Another very useful tool in monitoring your son’s progress is by use of the parent portal – Click here.

Through this parents can check on assessment results, attendance and many other useful pieces of information. Please contact the main office if you do not have your log in and password details.