Leadership Approaches



A big emphasis is placed on Year 13 students to take up leadership responsibility at Wellington College. There are three main areas of involvement.

1.        College Prefects

Once the College Prefects have been selected, they are given a day of leadership training at the end of Year 12. As part of this training the prefects are asked to participate in a leadership portfolio. These portfolios are:

Arts, Wellbeing, Environment, Sport, Community, Communication, Mentoring/Tutoring and Culture.

If students in their applications and interviews express an interest in another area then it is quite possible for other portfolios to be created.

Description of Portfolios

Arts: To promote the Arts at Wellington College and to work closely with The Arts Director. Duties might include promotion of Arts Week, providing avenues for students to showcase their skills, co-ordinate the debating and public speaking competitions.

Wellbeing: To provide a student voice on Health and Wellbeing at Wellington College and to work closely with The Wellbeing Co-ordinator. The prime purpose of this group is to promote an inclusive environment at Wellington College. Responsibilities might include the organisation      and promotion of The Wellbeing Day, Pink Shirt Day, Day of Silence and input into the topics of Pastoral Care Time and organisation of assembly speakers.

Environment: To promote sound environmental principles at Wellington College and to work closely with The Eco Warriors Co-ordinator. Responsibilities might include recycling, composting and litter programmes/education at Wellington College. Other areas to focus on could be creating a pest free zone at Wellington College/Mt. Victoria.

Sport: To provide opportunities for students to engage in sporting/leisure activities at Wellington College and to work closely with The Sports Co-ordinator. Responsibilities might include the organisation of lunchtime sporting activities/competitions, the co-ordination and promotion of clubs (Chess, Sci Fi, cards, etc).

Community: To provide opportunities for students to engage in service activities at Wellington College and to work closely with the Deputy Principal (Pastoral Care). Responsibilities might include the co-ordination of collections for Service/Charity organisations, the identification of needy groups within our Wellington College community and a suitable response. This group may include the student organisers of the World Vision runathon.

Communication: To promote and celebrate key events at Wellington College and to work closely with the College’s Communication staff. Responsibilities might include capturing (filming, writing about) occasions at the school and the use of social media to record them.

Mentoring/Tutoring: To promote mentoring and tutoring at Wellington College and to work closely with the Year 13 Dean. Responsibilities might include the organisation of the College academic tutoring system, the Yr 8 Induction Day, Peer Support and the identification of students who might benefit from having a mentor.

Culture: To promote a welcoming atmosphere for students from all ethnic backgrounds. This person would work closely with Director of International Students, Pasifika and Maori Mentors. This portfolio would include student representation from the ISA and Tu Tamatoa. Responsibilities might include the co-ordination of language weeks, food festivals, assembly speakers and performances.

2.      Peer Support

Peer Support is a ‘student-help-student’ programme to build relationship skills and self-esteem. It has been run at Wellington College since 1992 and is backed by the Rotary Club of Port Nicholson.

Year 13 (senior) students are trained by a small group of certificated Peer Support teachers. These seniors are shown how to lead a group in activities and discussion. The leaders in turn are put in charge of a group of new entrant Year 9 students. They assist with their induction into the College, especially to assist them in making the transition to life at College.

Peer Support aims to provide the opportunity for all students entering the College to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to interact with their peers in a positive and supporting ways within the safe and caring environment of the College.

3.      Other Leadership Roles

There are many further opportunities for leadership positions for Year 13 students and they are encouraged to participate in these roles. Leadership positions are the responsibility of individual teachers and include areas such as Maths Tutors, Peer Support Leaders, Laboratory Assistants, Activity Group Leaders, Sports Coaches and Sports Team Managers. Each of these positions are advertised on the College Website and students apply in writing to the teacher in charge.

Leadership Award

The students who have undertaken leadership roles are recognised at the end of the school year and receive a Leadership Award that includes a Leadership Badge. The criteria for the award are:

i)                 Taking up a leadership position.

ii)                Being involved in at least two extracurricular activities.

iii)              Having an excellent attendance record.

iv)              Being a person who exhibits Coll values.

Student Council

A student from each Tutor class is elected by their peers to form the Student Council. From this group, representatives are elected to become part of the Student Executive Representative Council. The Student Council is an excellent vehicle for student voice, and the representatives also promote and model the COLL values.