2019 Student Leaders

Student Council Executive and Tutor Representatives

Membership of the Student Council Executive has now been finalised and membership can be viewed here.

Student Council Tutor Representatives and email addresses can be viewed here.

Student Leader Profiles

T.J. Shirtcliffe

Hi. my name is T.J. Shirtcliffe and I am an arts prefect for 2019. I am a guitarist and my main focus is Jazz. I have played in the school jazz band for four years and I have lead the All Comers jazz ensemble for three years. I also teach guitar privately. I really enjoy helping out in any way I can so if you see me around and want a hand don't hesitate to ask!

Callum Benfell

I'm Callum Benfell and I'm an arts prefect this year. I love the visual arts and design, but I've also been involved in other activities like debating over my five years at Coll. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests - I'd love to help out.

Jim Birkett

Kia Ora. I'm Jim. I'm an arts prefect always looking for new ways to learn more about and help out with art and design. As well as having an interest in speaking and many things outside of art. Please feel free to come to me if you have any ideas or want opportunities to help art at WC. Looking forward to seeing you.

Hugh Morrison

Hi, I am Hugh Morrison and I am your Head Prefect for 2019. I am incredibly humbled to be in this position; it is a huge honour. I am making every effort to serve the best interests of the Wellington College community as I am very passionate about WC, and love what it represents. I am a keen athlete and sport is a huge passion of mine. I have been involved in Hockey, Cricket and Rugby during my time at WC, both from a playing and coaching perspective. I was privileged enough to play in the 'Gillette Cup' National Cricket Finals at the end of last yar, where the WC First XI won the tournament. I put a great deal of importance on and hold pride in the high standards WC boys expect from themselves and their peers and I will continue to encourage and celebrate participation at all levels. Please, if you see me around, come and have a chat, I'd love to catch up!

Deputy Head Prefects (Nga Amorangi)

Mackenzie Horwood-Verstappen

Oh, hi there! My name is Mackenzie Horwood-Verstappen, but if it's easier, you can just call me Mack. I am one of the three deputy heads this year, and I'm also a part of the Community team. I love to perform and over my past few years at coll I have tried my hand at acting, singing, dancing, debating and all that good stuff. I was also a part of the rowing squad for 3 years. Feel free to come and chat with me at school if you need anything. 

Ben Shea

Kia ora, my name is Ben. I have fallen in love with drama and theatre since I started at Wellington College, but I love any chance to get up on stage and have a laugh. Ask me any questions about productions, Sheilah Winn Shakespeare, Show Quest, junior drama and senior drama. Really anything that falls under the arts. Feel free to come have a chat or just give me a smile!

Heads of Portfolios (Nga Kaitiaki)

Community (Te Hapori)
Callan Rothmets

Hi guys, my name is Callan and I’m the head prefect for the community portfolio for 2019. I have a strong connection to all aspects of the WC community and I am incredibly passionate about this school. I am very passionate about the sports community of Wellington College and was the McEvedy Athletics captain this year as well as a member of the first eleven football team, the second eleven cricket team and a WC football club student representative. I am also a member of the 2019 Super Six for the Runathon -our largest school community event. If you have any questions or comments about anything involving the WC community or wider community please don’t hesitate to ask or tell me.

Culture (Nga Ahurea)        

Julius Searancke





Arts (Nga Mahi Toi):          
Theo Hertzig

Hey! My name is Theo Hertzig and I am head of the arts portfolio for 2019. I have been a saxophonist in the jazz band for 4 years now and the allcomers jazz ensemble for 3 years. I've also been a member of the chorale for all 5 years at WC, a member of the barbershop chorus for 3 years and I'm one of the leaders of the Ukulele Orchestra this year. Throughout my time at WC I've also been a part of various musicals through both WC and Wellington East and I've really enjoyed everything that I've been a part of. If you see me around school, don't hesitate to come up to me and ask any questions you may have about any music or drama groups.

Sports (Nga Mahihakinakina):      
Christopher Bramley

I’m Christopher and I’m the Kaitiaki of sport. I love all sports, but my main sport is rugby. I’m a second year member and the vice captain of the Wellington College First XV. Sports are not my only interest, as I am very interested in many different art activities. I’m one of the choreographers for this years show quest and have been in other school musicals in the past. I’m always open and happy for a conversation so if you do see me around don’t hesitate to say hey.



Wellbeing (Oranga):            
Jonty Cameron

My name is Jonty Cameron and I am the Kaitiaki of Wellbeing. I have a passion for sports and love my football. If anyone wishes to have a yarn about anything school or non-school related more than happy to have a chat. I am a really approachable guy who is just here to help. All the best for 2019 boys.   


Media & Communication (Te AoPapaho):          
Logan Kinajil-Moran

Hi! My name is Logan Kinajil-Moran and I am super excited to be the Head of Media and Communications for 2019. I am a photographer and videographer as well as director of student-led WCTV. I am also a musician and an avid footballer. There are so many different ways to get involved in Media and Communications, including Coll Hub, WCTV and many other projects and means. If you are at all interested in getting involved, or if there is anything you'd like to share on WC social media or the website, or have any other questions or concerns do not be afraid to get in touch with me.  Email: 15252@wc.school.nz


Student Mentoring (Te Rongomau):        
Nicholas Patel

Hi, my name is Nicholas and I'm the Kaitiaki for the Peer Tutoring portfolio in 2019. Over the past five years I've played chess and football/futsal, and participated in the range of maths and science competitions that WC has to offer. Should you have any questions or requests regarding peer tutoring at WC, please contact me - I'm more than happy to help!