Advancement Office Report | Wellington College

Advancement Office Report

An update from the Advancement Office.

Given the progress that has been made over the past six to eight months, it has well and truly become time for an update on things at Wellington College and more specifically, the new Performing Arts Centre and Memorial Hall.

It has been predominantly down to the support of people like yourself, College Old Boys and the many families and supporters of the school that this idea has been able to transform from a concept, into what is fast becoming a tangible and meaningful part of the College. The Performing Arts Centre and Memorial Hall is undoubtedly the centrepiece of the College and the time without it has created its challenges to try and make things a seamless transition.

The costs involved to build this for the College were large but the need was infinitely bigger. A decision was made at Board level to try and mitigate some of the costs and time which were involved in breaking the construction into the two stages as was planned. Our new asset will now carry on through allowing both the ground floor and mezzanine floors to be finished at the same time. Some of the other parts of the centre such as classrooms and meeting rooms will be finished in the future by the Property Manager at the College.

The fact remains that the College still needs more support to complete the funding in its entirety and even to complete this stage. We are still looking to fund the $1M deficit.

Education, Culture, Sport, Performing Arts and the wider community will all benefit hugely from this project which will become the future of Wellington College.

The Memorial Window is still helping us edge towards our financial goal and we hope to carry on the momentum this initiative has created. Naming right opportunities remain available inside the new facility which will also help us move forward towards our $1M goal.

We hope this update arms you with the knowledge that as a group we are doing as much as possible to achieve our aim of completing the funding for our new asset.

We appreciate your support as always and if you had any questions you are more than welcome to get in touch with us. The new Performing Arts Centre and Memorial Hall is on the up, it is happening and within the final stage of completion which is an achievement in itself for us all.


Stephanie Kane

WCOBA Executive Officer

Tel: 04 802 2537