COVID-19 Teaching and Learning Update. April 2022.

March 4, 2022

Dear ākonga/students and whānau, Thank you for your support and patience in these challenging times. It is our strong preference to keep school open as much as possible, with all ākonga/students attending on-site. However with a number of staff in isolation, including cleaning and maintenance staff, we need to take steps to ensure that we can operate safely.

This means that we are encouraging all students to learn at home on Monday 7th March. Students should work to their normal timetable and contact their teachers if they have any questions.

From Tuesday next week (8–11 March) we will be rostering home seniors and juniors on alternate days.

What will happen after this week?‍

It is possible that we will operate a similar model through to the end of term, but we will continue to reassess the situation and adapt our response. We would welcome your feedback about how the system is working for you and your whānau.‍

What should I expect to see on Google Classroom when my young person is learning from home?‍

Work will be on Google Classroom for all classes. Some teachers post a weekly summary of activities for the week; others post each lesson. Ask your young person to show you the ‘Classwork’ and ‘Stream’ sections of Google Classroom for updates.

Please note that teachers will often not include a due date for assignments on Google Classroom, especially if it is not an assessment.

In addition to individual subject teachers, there are a number of people you can contact if you have any questions about the work on Google Classroom:

  • Tutor Teacher
  • Deans
  • Curriculum / Teaching & Learning DPs

What additional support is available?

There are a number of reasons why learning from home may be challenging for students and their whānau. If your young person needs support or supervision, please contact Acting Principal Dave Ashby ( and we can arrange for them to be supervised on-site for the whole week.

If your whānau do not have access to a learning device, please contact DP Curriculum Luci Lendrum ( and we can provide assistance.

If you have any questions about the rostering home model, please contact our Curriculum/Teaching & Learning DPs.