Giving Back to Coll

Wellington College Old Boys, friends and supporters are spread around New Zealand and across the world, and with the availability of a range of modern technology, it is our intention to both maintain and further strengthen relationships with the College.

Our approach is to develop and foster philanthropic activities, supporting the College by raising funds to enhance resources, enabling Wellington College to continue to provide the first-class level of education it has offered now for 151 years.

Wellington College is rated a Decile 10 school by the Ministry of Education which means it receives a very small portion of Government funding compared to a Decile 1 school. It is essential therefore to provide an alternative means of income to Government funding in order to maintain the future financial security of the College.

If you would like to support Wellington College, please click here.  Any questions, please get in touch with Stephanie Kane, Telephone: 04 802 2537 or Email:


Your opportunity to put your name to a piece of history. Give from your heart and inspire the future.

While the construction of the Memorial Hall and Performing Arts Centre is now complete, our fundraising efforts continue. As part of our 'BUY A PANE' campaign, we have incorporated our donors names into the Memorial Window Honours Board in the new Memorial Hall. By ‘purchasing’ a pane, you are investing in the future of Wellington College and helping to meet the costs of the new Hall.

All Old Boys and current students know the Memorial Window, an enduring symbol of pride, tradition and service and uniquely made for Wellington College. Our new venue now has the iconic stained glass window back in its rightful place at the head of the new Memorial Hall and Performing Arts Centre and where the school now faces at each Assembly.

There are three tiers of pricing, the highest value allocated to the centre. Your purchase is considered as a donation. Please click here to ‘Buy Your Pane’.