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Wellington College Archives and Museum

Are you an Old Boy or former staff member? Do you have any relatives or know friends who are?  If so, you may be able to help the Archives team obtain some of the following:

Memoirs: Please send your stories

Photographs: College life, students, staff, Old Boys

Trophies & Other Prizes

New line Uniforms: Caps, Ties, Blazers, Boaters, Sports Gear, Jerseys, Caps, Boots

Medals: Dux awards and other badges, school awards and war medals

Book Prizes and Academic Awards

Art Work, Paintings, Sketches and Books by Old Boys

Music: Recordings by Old Boys

Reports: Academic records & certificates

Papers: Governing Boards, Headmasters, Parents’ Association

Correspondence: Letters to and from staff, students and Old Boys

Please contact the Wellington College Archivist - Michael Pallin, Phone: 04 802 7698 or Email: Michael works on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Historic Wellingtonian School Magazines

The Wellington College Old Boys' Record published in 1891.  Click here.

The Wellingtonian - 1891 (Volumes I, II & III) Click here to read the three inaugural issues (May/Aug/Dec)      Sponsored by Peter Osvath (Class of 1970)

The Wellingtonian - 1919 [The WWI Issue] - Click here. Sponsored by John Zohrab (Class of 1969)

The Wellingtonian 1928 - Click here Sponsored by Simon Kember (Class of 1972) on behalf of his father, F J Kember (Class of 1930)

The Wellingtonian 1952 - Click here. Sponsored by Bill McKeich (Class of 1951/1952)

The Wellingtonian 1965 - Click here, Sponsored by John Wedde (Class of 1965)

The Wellingtonian 1969 - Click here. Sponsored by Roger Smyth (Class of 1969)

The Wellingtonian 1978 - Click here. Sponsored by Alex Blades (Class of 1988)

The Wellingtonian 1979 - Click here. Sponsored by Peter Bischof (Class of 1979)

The Wellingtonian 1999 - Click here. Sponsored by Ted Clayton (Class of 1947)