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The Wellington College Old Boys' Association (WCOBA) is one of the strongest alumni organisations in New Zealand with 32,000 recorded Old Boys. With a thriving reunion and events programme, we are proud of the strong connection between the WCOBA and the current Wellington College community. Our Old Boys come from a wide range of ages (from those who attended the school in the 1920s to those who graduated last year), backgrounds and interests. Their careers and achievements since they left the College have taken them all in different directions to the far reaches of the globe but through the WCOBA they are able to share and celebrate their association with Wellington College.

The WCOBA hosts regular functions and reunions which enable many of our alumni to keep in close contact with their friends from school – even 60 and 70 years since they left school. The Association focuses on encouraging all leavers to maintain links with the school and with one another. 

The Association has an elected executive and many Old Boys have given distinguished service to the WCOBA Executive as members. The WCOBA contributes annually to scholarships for current students and provides financial assistance for school projects.

Every student who leaves Wellington College automatically becomes a member of the WCOBA. By becoming a Life Member, your subscription assists the Association’s endeavours to support the College, subsidise reunions and events and publish the annual WCOBA magazine, The Lampstand. Being a Life Member of the Old Boys' Association provides many benefits including a membership certificate and Old Boys’ Lapel Pin, the annual Lampstand and special invitations to functions.

The WCOBA is your Association. We look forward to your participation in the life of the WCOBA. It is by making the effort to stay in touch we can all be sure that an education at Wellington College truly does last a lifetime.

To maintain contact with the Old Boys, a register of names and addresses is kept at the College and requires constant updating. Any information regarding a change of address or the whereabouts or activities of any Old Boy is welcomed and should be forwarded to the Executive Officer, WCOBA.  Telephone (04) 802 2537 or oldboys@wc.school.nz.

WCOBA President - Ted Thomas

The Wellington College Old Boys' Association Office is situated at Wellington College, adjacent to the Canteen and Brew Cafe. To contact the WCOBA, please email oldboys@wc.school.nz or Telephone 04 802 2537.

WCOBA Executive 2020

President: Ted  Thomas,   Class of 1976    

Executive Officer: Stephanie Kane      

Patron and Principal: Gregor Fountain,  Class of 1990    

Executive Committee Members 

James Blackwell,    Class of 2012    

Richard Boag,    Class of 1981    

Charlie Gallagher,    Class of 2006    

Ian Harden, Class of 1977

Karl Moresi,  Class of 2009

Chris Nicholls,    Class of 1988    

Matt Reweti,    Class of 1990

Ernie Rosenthal,    Class of 1961

2020 WCOBA Constitution - Click Here.

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Old Boys' News

We love to keep the wider College community updated and appreciate hearing from our Old Boys. If you have news stories to share, please contact the WCOBA Office.

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July 2020 Newsletter

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