English | Wellington College


English is a compulsory subject at Wellington College for Year 9 to Year 12 students and it is an option subject in Year 13.

Our courses are designed to be enjoyable and challenging for students of all skill levels and we hope to instil a life-time love of language and literature.  Junior students are introduced to English as an academic subject and senior students (Year 11 – Year 13) work towards NCEA qualifications and NZ Scholarship.  Every lesson is grounded in the teaching of core literacy skills and we have developed an extensive support programme for students struggling in this area.  We also provide extension opportunities which begin in Year 9 and culminate with a successful Scholarship programme in Year 13.
HOD: Robert Everett
Subjects administered by the English Learning Area:
-   English: Y9 to Y13
-   Media Studies: Y12 to Y13
English and Media Studies offer a wide range of learning opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom.  Students attend various drama productions, films and workshops in school and in Wellington itself, and they also benefit from visiting authors and tutors.
Media Studies: TIC Mirsha O’Donnell
Media Studies is a senior subject offered to students in Year 12 and Year 13.  Students work towards NCEA qualifications and can enter NZ Scholarship in Year 13.  They investigate the different ways media represents and influences society.  The course consists of a large theory component, which includes analysis and research assessments and a practical component where students create a film.  Media Studies students learn how to undertake research, analyse film, apply film theories, construct academic essays and use film making technology.