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The Arts

The Arts emcompasses Visual Art, Music and Drama.  All students study Visual Art and Music in Year 9, and in Year 10 students choose at least one of Visual Art, Music or Drama.

Visual Art – HOD Tim Costeloe
Visual Art offers a variety of practical opportunities throughout the school years in Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Design and Sculpture.  All students study Visual Art in Year 9.  The Visual Art courses are designed to be enjoyable and challenging for students of all skill levels, and we endeavour to instill a lifelong love of creativity. 
Senior students will work towards NCEA qualifications, ending each of the senior years with a folio of work in one of four disciplines.  There are many opportunities for Art students to pursue their interest areas in Years 12 and 13, and extension programmes are encouraged, to enable the natural enthusiasm of individual students to be developed.  At Year 13, the History of Art is offered to those students who want to extend their understanding of the subject.
Music – Acting HOD Liam Boyle
All students study Music in Year 9.
Drama: HOD Katie Howes
Drama is a senior academic subject taught in Year 12 and Year 13.  Students work towards NCEA qualifications and can enter NZ Scholarship in Year 13.  Students study, analyse and perform both modern and classic texts, and they also create and perform work of their own.  Learning the arts and techniques of production and performance increases a student’s confidence and self-esteem.