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Maths and Statistics

Through the study of Mathematics, students develop thinking skills, problem-solving ability and useful analytical strategies.

HOD:  Ian Clark
The Mathematics Department offers Mathematics courses for Year 9 – 13 students.  Course content follows The NZ Curriculum, Levels 4 -8.  Qualifications entered for are NCEA Levels 1-3 and NZ Scholarship and for some students Cambridge qualifications.
The courses are integrated and cover Numeracy, Algebra and Graphs, Measurement and Trigonometry, Geometry, Statistics and Probability, and Calculus (at Years 12 and 13). Year 13 students are able to take either, or both, Level 3 Statistics and Level 3 Calculus.
Within each topic taught across all year levels, there are opportunities for:
-   group and individual problem-solving
-   developing communication skills
-   understanding the notions of proof and logical argument
-   gaining an understanding of the History of Mathematics.
-   use of IT and web resources which are a significant feature in lessons.
There are differentiated courses to cater for differing abilities and needs.  Able students may be placed on an accelerated programme, which can include Cambridge AS as a bridging course to Year 13.  Students who have difficulty are supported by having access to specially designed alternative courses, the help of a remedial teacher, and Peer Tutoring by Seniors.
Students are encouraged to enter In-School, Regional and National Mathematics Competitions.