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Health and PE

Health and Physical Education is taught at Years 9 and 10 for three periods per cycle. Our NCEA courses offer students the opportunity to study at all 3 levels, including NZ Scholarship.

The junior course has as its focus, the learning of key interactive and physical skills such as: cooperation, fair play, skill learning, self assessment and playing modified games to develop skills and tactical awareness across a wide range of activities. A key element of our programme is to enhance the understanding, interest and involvement in “physical activity for life”.
Health Education is taught as part of the junior programme. The aim of the course is to provide students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to make informed decisions and to act in ways which enhance their personal well-being, as well as those around them. The three key units are: Personal Well-being, Drug Education and Relationships.  
The senior programmes offer students the opportunity to study Physical Education on a more academic level. However, there are numerous practical opportunities and assessments across all 3 levels. While students are encouraged to follow one level with the next, those with an interest in this subject can choose to begin NCEA study at either level 2 or 3. Practical components over three years include, Athletics, Golf, an overnight tramp and general games.