Heads of Departments | Wellington College

Heads of Departments


Mr R Moses ONZM, Headmaster      r.moses@wc.school.nz

Mr D Ashby, Associate Headmaster      d.ashby@wc.school.nz

Mr R Anderson, Deputy Principal      r.anderson@wc.school.nz

Mr P Bergin, Deputy Principal      p.bergin@wc.school.nz

Mr D Harvey, Deputy Principal      d.harvey@wc.school.nz

Mr D Thorp, Deputy Principal      d.thorp@wc.school.nz


Mr M Ellett, International Director      m.ellett@wc.school.nz


Mr R Wither, Guidance Counsellor      r.wither@wc.school.nz

Dr S Slater, Assistant Guidance Counsellor      s.slater@wc.school.nz

Mrs L Pa’u, Chaplain      l.pau@wc.school.nz


Mr P Smith, Guidance: Y13 Dean      p.smith@wc.school.nz

Ms A Tulitua, Guidance: Y12 Dean      a.tulitua@wc.school.nz

Mr M Bangma, Guidance: Y11 Dean      m.bangma@wc.school.nz

Mr P Maitland, Guidance: Y10 Dean      p.maitland@wc.school.nz

Ms J Vreeburg, Guidance: Y9 Dean      j.vreeburg@wc.school.nz

Ms R Edmunds, Māori Mentor      r.edmunds@wc.school.nz

Ms J Lea, Pasifika Mentor      j.lea@wc.school.nz


Dr H Abu-Shanab, HOD, Physics      h.abushanab@wc.school.nz

Mr J Belczacki, HOD, Māori      j.belczacki@wc.school.nz

Mr C Blacklock, HOD, Geography and Social Studies      c.blacklock@wc.school.nz

Mr L Boyle, HOD, Music      l.boyle@wc.school.nz

Mr C Briggs, HOD, Digital Technology     c.briggs@wc.school.nz

Mrs J Caldwell, HOD, Art      j.caldwell@wc.school.nz

Ms L Carter, HOD, Junior Physical Education/Health      l.carter@wc.school.nz

Mr I Clark, HOD, Mathematics      i.clark@wc.school.nz

Mr D Cournane, HOD, Senior Physical Education/Health      d.cournane@wc.school.nz

Mr M Ellett, HOD, Tourism      m.ellett@wc.school.nz

Mr R Everett, HOD, English      r.everett@wc.school.nz

Miss S Glover, HOD, Commerce and Learning Support       s.glover@wc.school.nz

Mrs T Greenstreet, HOD, Careers and Transition      t.greenstreet@wc.school.nz

Mr S Hann, HOD, Science and Biology      s.hann@wc.school.nz

Mr P Kendon, HOD, Chemistry      p.kendon@wc.school.nz

Ms M O’Donnell, HOD, Media Studies      m.odonnell@wc.school.nz

Ms F Perry, HOD Acting, Drama      f.perry@wc.school.nz

Mr S Tester, HOD, History      s.tester@wc.school.nz

Ms M Tornquist, HOD, Languages      m.tournquist@wc.school.nz

Mr K White, HOD, Technology and Design & Visual Communication      k.white@wc.school.nz